Nikki and the Eeeveelutions Book 1: Secrets Revealed

Nikki and the Eeeveelutions Book 1: Secrets Revealed

Nikki is an average eevee, until she finds out about the secret her family is hiding. Will she be able to live knowing this might haunt her forever?

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Chapter 2.
A Dinner to Forget

A Dinner to Forget

I was biting on a potion, trying to get a spray out for Emily, when my mother called for dinner. "Spaa spaa!" my newest sister said, gently gripping my tail. "Come on Emily. It's din din time!" My small self said. Clair was already seated, watching some kindergarten video on Youchu. My mom thought that since she was 5, she should get an education like the other Pokemon.
Duece has already taken a seat, too. He had the most food on his plate. Chances are if we didn't finish our berries, he would eat them. He's was very chubby for being only one. Then there was mom, struggling to find enough Sitrus Berries to put on my plate. She had been overworked since dad died, and she wanted to raise her 4 children to by strong.
"I have to tell you all something before I go insane," mother said before plopping down a mound of berries on my platter. "Yeah what is it?" Clair asked, her mouth full of Cheri Berries. "You can't evolve," mother said, looking ashamed. Emily spit out her mashed Oran Berries. "Well, Nikki can evolve. The rest of you can't." I stood up, my face furious.
"That's unfair!" I screamed. "I'm leaving to find an everstone! I want this family to be fair!" "Nikki, wait!" mother called, but it was too late. I had already pushed myself out of one of the holes. Then, the mountain began to shake. My mother was in tears. "Landslide!" she called. My siblings ran to holes, escaping. My mother went for one that couldn't fit her.
"Children!" I heard my mom yell. Our eyes were full of tears. Rocks fell in on her, crushing her flat. "We gotta go!'" Clair bawled, pushing Duece onto her back. Emily crawled on my back, and we started to sprint down the hill. It was like instinct. Other Pokemon like absol's and seviper's ran down as well. Clair struggled to run with a 70 pound one year old holding her back.
Eventually, we reached a muddy part. "We're gonna have to slide down!" I yelled. Everyone nodded their heads ans we sat down. Me and Clair lowered our younger siblings from our back as we slid. Duece slid down to an oasis, Clair slid down inside another cave, Emily slid down into a flower field, and I slid down into a mud patch. I face planted into another Pokemon, not hearing my sisters call me out or anything. I just heard the rumble of the mountain as it crumbled into nothing.
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