Nikki and the Eeeveelutions Book 1: Secrets Revealed

Nikki and the Eeeveelutions Book 1: Secrets Revealed

Nikki is an average eevee, until she finds out about the secret her family is hiding. Will she be able to live knowing this might haunt her forever?

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Chapter 1.
Origins of the Little One

Origins of the Little One

On a cloudy day in May, an egg sat in a cave. Tiny holes in the cave's walls let the faintest bit of sunlight through. A young eevee at the age of three stared at the egg, noticing its patterns and designs. This eevee was named Clair. She would nudge the egg with her paws, almost to claim it as hers.
"Don't play with the egg, Clair. It might break," her mother said as she pushed her way through a hole in the cavern. Taking a few leaves, the mother set them aside the young egg. "Sorry, I just want Wrecker to be prepared to fight!" Clair said. "We are not naming the baby Wrecker, for the last time Clair," her dad said. "Why not!?" Clair said stomping the ground.
All of a sudden, the egg toppled over and smacked the ground. "Bu bu bu," the egg said, rolling towards Clair. A squishy little face looked at her, smiling. Two paws peaked out, grabbing the edge of the hole she made. "Eeee.. BA!" The young eevee said as she  pushed herself out of the egg and onto the floor. "Oh my, it seems our little Nikki has gotten out of the egg!" the mother said. "Nikki suits her," Clair said, pushing her onto her back.
"Bee ba bububu. Lee baa baa," Nikki cooed before her mother set her down in a pile of grass.
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