Melody of The Spirit

Melody of The Spirit

This is a story about another world. Evil is breaking free. The world is crumbling in chaos. Two of the 5 protectors have died untimely deaths. All have lost hope. Until a legend is discovered...

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Chapter 1.


Waves crashed upon the ocean, the seas stormy as far as the eye can see. A shadowed figure stands on air, only it’s red eyes glowing.
        “How dare thee break out of the ward!” A woman shrieked, rocketing out from the water. “Go back! And I might give mercy!” Her powerful voice bellowing,
        “Tsk, tsk, tsk… Acadia.. Thats not a very nice welcome.” The shadowed figure’s words hung in the air like dead leaves. “But… I may forgive you… for your time has come, sage of Life.”
        “What is that supposed to mean, Agua.” Acadia hissed venomously at the figure. “Is the nomade of death so weak he dishonors and teases his enemies.” The nomade, Agua, smiled sinisterly, as he walked on the air, dancing around her.
        “Have you realized it yet, Acadia?” He whispered, sending chills down her spine. “If I escaped… who else would have…” His mouth moved forming a grin filled with sharp teeth.
        “LIES! NOW FEEL MY BLADE!” Daggers made of ice appeared in Acadia’s hands as she tightened her grip on the uneven surface. She lunged forwards, daggers in front of her. Coming to a near hit, but missing by an inch. Agua reaches down to the earth and pulls two gleaming daggers out of the earth. Both swirling with dark clouds, just thick enough to hide the hands of their handler. Acadia sliced with fluidity as she twirled the daggers methodically.  Swift as lightning, she lunged for her opponent, landing a hit. Agua winced as the ice sliced through his shadowed body. He knelt down on the swirling cloud. As if a battle song rang through the air. Acadia stood in the air, glaring down at her almost defeated foe. Agua looked up at her, smiling and started laughing.
        “Whats so funny, demon.” She asked.  Jolts of electricity course through her body, as if pierced by a spear. She screeched in pain as the electricity coursed through her body, when it ended she plummeted to the water, the electricity still inside.
        “Hey Agua! We should switch who we fight! Looks like I found the life sages weakness.” A figure of dark red light appeared next to agua. “How about we ‘cause a commotion.’ For the earth sage to appear.” The figure said.
        “Not a bad idea, my brother, Lizapa.” Agua chuckled darkly as he lifted the unconscious life sage out of the water. Dark clouds floated around her as they went into her mouth. “Wake up, my little Acadia…”
Agua said in a whisper. Acadia’s eyes opened slowly, but her eyes the color of the dark clouds.
        “Wh-what.. I-I can't move!” Acadia tugged against the dark clouds holding her in place. “Let me go now. And I maybe will spare you both.” She snarled, glaring.
        “Well… you seem to be, sustained, for now…” Agua said, laughing, as she continued to tug against the shadow’s hold. Lizapa, noticing this, he pointed his powers towards her. Electric buzzing was heard as Acadia screamed in agony as the electricity coursed through her entire being.
        “S-stop!” She yelled, her voice cracking through the pain. Lizapa smiled as he pushed all his power into it, causing the lightning to be blood red. Her screams louder as the volts increase.
        “LIZAPA! YOU WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THE TORTURE YOU PUT MY SISTER THROUGH!” A booming voice echoed as lava was hurled towards him. Lizapa screeched in agony as lava burned through his body. Burns bubbled freshly on his red skin. A cloaked feminine shadow stood on the air, a sword of diamond gleaming in the moonlight.
        “Now, now, my dear Cassandra… Do you want your sister to suffer more?” Agua said, in a singsong voice.
“Never!” Cassandra screamed, charging at Agua. With a snap of his fingers, lightning once more went through poor Acadia’s body. All she could do is gasp, her voice gone from earlier. Her entire body shook, as her body began to glow.
        “NO!” Cassandra screamed as Acadia’s body slowly dissolved into water. “Acadia…” Cassandra  knelt down, mourning for her sister’s ill fate. “I will avenge you…” she vowed.  “IN ONE LIFE OR ANOTHER!” Agua and Lizapa froze from where they stood. “GUARDIAN! TAKE MINE AND SEAL THE POWERS OF THE WICKED! LET MY SISTER BE REBORN IN THE GOLDEN OF HEARTS! AND WITH MERCY I ASK OF YOU TO LET ME BE BY MY SISTERS SIDE!” An invisible force raised her and the nomades from the air, a golden aura around them.
        “Please! NO!” Lizapa and Agua screeched as their glow left them. They both fell, plummeting to the bottom of the ocean.
“Thank you, Guardian…” She whispered as her body flaked into ashes. The ashes swirled in the wind, as the sun rose for another day.

Pronunciations~ Nomade(No-ma-day); Agua(Ah-gu-wa); Lizapa(Li-Za-Pa)
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WHAT DID I EAT?! xD heheh
on September 12, 2014