real hollywood

real hollywood

amy a 17 year old girl has a life, a normal life, until she meets a celeb, she is chosen to act in hollywood, in a show called, the greatest love, this is kinda based off of a story, on a game called episode-choose your story, it's a little mix though. she has to choose from 2 guys. joe, the lazy guy, jaylen, the skater boy, colt. who is she gonna choose?

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Chapter 1.

episode 1-meting a celeb

jenny-"I can't believe were going to meet the biggest celeb in hollywood!"
tessie-"This is going to be so fun!"
amy- "Yeah i can't wait..."
jenny-"whats wrong?"
amy-"celebs always have drama..."
tessie-"will you two stop jabbering!"
amy-[laughs] "okay"
tessie-"our limo is here come on!"
[the girls get inside the limo]
[the girls make it where the paparazzi is and the rest of the audience is too]
jenny-"there goes lady gaga!"
lady gaga-[looks at amy] *thinking* this girl looks perfect for the show
lady gaga-"hey! you over there!"
amy-[sees lady gaga] *thinking* is she talking about me?
lady gaga-hello?
amy-oh? me?
lady gaga-yeah
what will happen to amy? find out on real hollywood
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