Doctor who: corpse of the doctor

This is the story about a girl from year 1523 that found a dead body and she also found something else on the hand and another thing on the other hand. This is where this story begins. A story with a lot of action and a lot of fun. Enjoy! :-D

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Corpse of the doctor

Once upon a time there where a girl named Clara. The year is 1523 and Clara is 25 years old. She walked in the forest when she suddenly heard a noise. something else where in the forest. Clara got afraid but at the same time curious about what the noise is.
Then she heard a loud AAOOOOOO and understood it was a wolf or a werewolf. She wanted to run but her curiousity maked her stand still. Then she heard a man screaming and then silence. The man where probably dead and Clara started to run!
But then Clara stopped. What if he is alive? I have to save him! Clara thought. She ran against the spot where she heard the man. There where the man lying on the ground. He was completely dead!
She was about to run away when she saw something on the dead mans hand. It was some kind of a pen or something. She also found a wallet on the other hand. A wallet with an empty paper. She picked it up but then when she looked back up, the werewolf where eye to eye with Clara.
Then the werewolf where started howling and Clara started to run away. She found nowhere to hide and the werewolf where behind her all the time. She ran and ran until she bumped in into something.
She looked up and found a police box! Something she have never ever seen before. I mean, who have seen a police box in the 16th century? There where a door on the other side and she tried to open it. But it was locked and she had no key.
what if the man had the key? Clara then wondered. While the werewolf almost got Clara she just ran away under his legs. She ran back to the man and searched the pockets and there she found a key. She ran back but where facing the werewolf again.
This time Clara jumped when the werewolf where trying to punch her. She then ran away towards the mysterious box. She sticked in the key into the keyhole and then she opened the door. It was the right key and she walked in!
In there everything where bigger than it was outside. It was totally magical. Then the wolf bumped and bumped on the box wich made Clara lose control of her balance and fell on some buttons that where on a table. Then the box started to make noises and it felt like she moved away!

A few minutes later Clara woked up. It was a bumpy ride and it seems like she was knocked out for a while. She got back up and started to investigate the box. It was a lot bigger than Clara first thought it would be. Then someone knocked on the door and a female voice that said: Doctor! Doctor!
Clara opened the door and there she found a happy and a bit overexcited girl that said Doctor! happily until she realised it wasn´t the doctor. Where is the doctor? The girl asked. Do you mean a man that owns these weird stuffs? Clara wondered and showed what she previously found. Yes, That´s him! Where is he? The girl asked.
Well, I´m Clara, who are you? Amy Pond! So where is the doctor? Amy asked. Well, Amy. I have good news and bad news, what shall I start with? Clara wondered. Take the bad news first! Amy said. Ok, the bad news is that a werewolf attacked him and he got killed. I´m sorry that he is not alive anymore. Clara said.
NOOOOOOOOO! Amy screamed. But the good news is that I managed to get rid of the werewolf! Clara said. How is that a good news after what I heard about the doctor? Amy said. Relax, let´s just go outside and search the doctor and then we will buy him. Clara said.
It doesn´t work like that. Amy said. What do you mean it doesn´t work? Of course it will! Clara said. When did he died? Amy asked. Today! Clara answered. No, What date? Amy wondered. 6th of June of course! Clara explained. What year? Amy asked. Come on, don´t be silly! Clara said. What year? Amy repeated. (sigh) 1523! Clara sighed. Oh my god! It´s the day Gustav Vasa became a king! Amy said. Who? Clara asked.
Of course, you don´t know him yet. Ok listen, you went into a time machine named TARDIS! Amy explained. Tardis? Clara wondered. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space! This is a sonic screwdriver! It can open locked doors and other amazing things! This is synthetic paper! It make people see what they want to see. Amy explained. Ok, sounds like you have been with the doctor a lot of times. Clara said.
Of course I have! hmm, what if we can travel back in time and save the doctor! Amy said happily. Hahaha, as that would work! Clara said sceptical. Of course it will work! We have a time machine. Let´s rewrite the history! Amy said overexcited! I don´t think it is possible to time travel. Clara said.
Of course it is possible. It is the year 1937 right now! I just have to get my boyfriend! I´ll be back soon and change the past! Amy said so that the tardis heard it. The tardis got angry about Amys decision to change the past. He doesn´t like paradoxes and for that he decided to close the doors and travelled itself to the future.
NOOOO! RORY! I want Rory! Amy screamed but the tardis had already landed into the future. What happened? Clara wondered. It is that stupid tardis! It is alive! Apparently it heard that I was about to change the past wich could form a paradox and the tardis doesn´t like paradoxes so it got mad and took us to the future rather than the past. Amy expalined.

Amy! Clara said. What is it? Amy wondered. Look behind you! Clara said. Amy turned around and there the werewolf where and Amy screamed. Bad news! I didn´t got rid of the werewolf. Clara said. How about the good news? Amy asked. RUN! said Clara and they ran away. The werewolf ran too following Amy and Clara. They came to a playground where a 5 year old girl where sitting in the sandbox making a sandcastle.
The werewolf saw the girl and attacked her. The werewolf took a bite on the knee before a rock hit the werewolf. It was the girls mother who was angry. How do you dare attacking Rose Tyler? The mother shouted angrily. The werewolf ran towards the mother but then Clara jumped on a see-saw and the other end went up right on the werewolf. The werewolf went down and Amy ran to Rose.
Are you ok? Amy wondered. Yes, I´m alright! 5 year old Rose Tyler said. This won´t hurt! Amy said and healed the wound with the sonic screwdriver. Am I gonna turn into a wolf? Rose wondered worried. Hmmm, there might be a change where a bite of a werewolf turns you into a werewolf yourself but it is so unlikely to happen so no, you won´t be a werewolf.
How sure are you? Rose asked. 95 % sure that you will be just fine! Amy said. 95 %? How about the other 5 %? I don´t want to be a wolf, I don´t want to kill peoples! Rose Tyler said. Killing peoples? Amy asked. Look, you won´t be a wolf, neither a bad wolf, you will be safe. Come now Amy! We have a doctor to save. Clara said and they ran away.
Wait! What if the werewolf will wake up? Clara asked. Oh! The werewolf! Amy said and ran back. Is there any possibility that you have some place where you can lock in the werewolf somewhere? Amy asked Rose mother. Yes, there might be actually! Rose mother said. Good, lock him in! Amy said and ran away.
They went into the tardis again and tried to start it. But it won´t start. Please tardis! Take us back and let us save the doctor! Amy yelled. No! a hologram of the doctor said. What was that? Clara wondered. That was a hologram! something the tardis uses in order to communicate. Amy said.
Please! Just one single paradox! Clara said. No! The hologram said again. Or what? Amy said. Future! Tardis said and sent them further into the future. They went out and Clara got a big surprise when she went out. Another Clara where just outside.
This Clara where also searching for the doctor but where chocked when she saw another self. Who are you? Future Clara asked. I´m Clara Oswald! Past Clara said. Me too! Future Clara said. Impossible! Past Clara said. No, it´s not! The doctor call us the impossible girl! We keep getting borned and keep getting killed for many centuries! And we have one common goal. To save the doctor! Future Clara said. (To be continued)
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I'm sorry to tell everyone who comes here but I've forgot the password for this profile and the story might not be finnished in here. But I have a new profile and maybe I will finnish the story in that profile some day!
on August 25, 2015