A Game of Hearts

A Game of Hearts

Heart drabble challenge using Yu-Gi-Oh!. Heavy Duke x OC here, as I'm using this to further figure out how they would interact. These will generally not be in a storytelling format and more 'episodic', with each chapter being a standalone thing but past ones may be referenced in later ones.

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Chapter 1.


1. Write a drabble or ficlet on each theme using any fandom, fandoms, or original works.
2. Drabbles are between 100 and 500 words. Ficlets are a little more free. Try to keep with your set limit, however.
3. You don't have to ask to use this challenge.
4. Any order is acceptable.
5. Have fun writing!

Originally posted by my sister, Oki/Raven-Born


1. Paper Heart
2. Heart on your Sleeve
3. Glass Heart
4. Broken Heart
5. Cold Heart(ed)
6. Tender Heart
7. Key to your Heart
8. Jealous Heart
9. Speak from the Heart
10. Calm my Beating Heart
11. Heartbeat
12. Whisper of the Heart
13. Candy Hearts
14. Warring Hearts
15. Listen to your Heart
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