Final Fantasy Identity Crisis

Final Fantasy Identity Crisis

A fan fiction that takes place in the FF7 world. Its an AU, since it will be incorporating other characters from the other Final Fantasy games.

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The Rise of the Boost Gene

His glowing blue eyes stared at me as the truck bumped along the road. We looked lively but we were also on guard for Shinra. The spikey blond haired soldier was still unconscious in the corner of the truck box, in the sun. My shaggy haired companion Zack smiled and looked over at him. “He’s still out cold. The Mako poisoning seemed to have affected him greatly.” I nodded, “Seems that way. Poor Cloud.” Cloud was always very energetic and chipper, and it rubbed on Zack even more so.

Zack’s smile I found was contagious, though it was only for a brief moment he smiled at me before we heard the load booming of a helicopter. Zack jumped up and went over to the cab knocking on the top to signal for him to slam on the brake to let us off.

I helped him pull Cloud off the truck and we rushed over to some rough terrain for cover. Laying Cloud against the rock I checked his vitals. He was still functioning, he looked so pale and out of it. I kinda felt sorry for him. Zack was already alert and had his sword out. The gleam of the buster sword gave me shivers. There was something very ominous upon us, I didn’t like it. Somehow, my heart pounded more than it should have.

Getting up I walked over to Zack, “What should we do? Shinra is on our tail.” He looked over at Cloud briefly then his gaze fixated on me. “We have no choice but to fight.” Reaching to my belt I grabbed my sword, Zack’s hand clasped over mine. “You stay with Cloud, I’ll take them on.” I shook my head, “You can’t. Remember what Angeal taught us! We can overcome anything together!” My voice was shaking but I didn’t care. I was afraid, Shinra had ripped so much away from us. I couldn’t bare any more loss.

His sunny smile came back, “I’m gonna give them hell.” He winked at me, before leaning forward and kissing me tenderly. “I’ll be back.”

Frozen to the spot I watched him run over the hill. “Zack…”

Screaming at the top of his lungs a man with light brown hair that fell past his shoulders woke with freight. His blue eyes looking around frantically before filling with tears. “Not, not again…not that dream. Why….Why did you have to die? Z-zack….” He sobbed into his hands as his head leaned against his knees. The young man was at an Inn, still in his uniform. A sword laid against the window gleaming in the moonlight, the split in the blade showing a hidden secret within it. Two orbs glowed in the blade as the man cried.

After a bit, he finally rose from the bed and walked over to the sink. “I look like crap…Not exactly my best day.” He muttered to himself, washing his face. Two black tattered gloves sat on the edge of the sink. Most would have thrown them away, but he couldn’t.  They were Zack’s gloves.
A knock came at the door, “room service.” The man grumbled, “That time already?” Grabbing the gloves he put them back on and went to the door. “I don’t want…”He stopped and looked at the girl. Her brown hair was tied back and her green eyes stared into his blue eyes. “Hi Leon!”

His breathe caught in his throat, “A-Aeris?” He fell back in shock, the light blinding his eyes. The girl shook her head. “That’s not my name you goof ball.” He blinked a few times before seeing that is was a totally different girl. Damn mind tricks again…he thought getting off the ground. “Sorry, just got up.”
The girl laughed, “I wouldn’t have guessed. Breakfast is ready downstairs. Come eat” Leon sighed, “Thanks Silva.” She smiled, “Oh, who’s Aeris? Is she your girlfriend?”

Shaking his head he replied, “No… just an old close friend of mine.” Silva tilted her head to the side, “Seems quite close how you said that though.”  Leon glared at her, “She’s dead…can we drop it.” She backed up a bit feeling guilty, “oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you.” “Just, leave ok?” Silva took off leaving Leon behind.

“I feel like a total jerk now. How was she supposed to know?” He leaned on the wood railing that over looked the courtyard of the city. “How were we all supposed to know that Shinra was experimenting on us and turning us into monsters? That Sephiroth was going to turn against us, and kill Aeris…That Angeal would die, and Zack…”

Leon’s fist slammed down on the rail. “I will find you Sephiroth…and kill you so that you can’t hurt anyone else. You and your remnants…I’ll do it all alone.  You won’t even get the chance to touch Cloud ever again you bastard!”
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