Sybil: Master Sorceress

Sybil: Master Sorceress

This is a story about a teenage girl named Sybil, who has MAGIC POWERS!! I don't want to give away too much, so read my story!

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The One And Only Chapter

        Once upon a time, in the small little village of Nowheresville there was a poor, lonely couple Jobe, and Carrie. They had a baby girl, and named her Sybil, because she was born after the winter equinox. Once she was old enough to find a job Sybil went looking around town for a job.  She found a job in Senior Castellan’s mansion, and became Senior Castellan’s son’s personal servant. Senior Castellan’s son was named Samuel. Samuel was a very handsome boy, he had freckles spread all over the bridge of his nose, and had very pretty sandy hair. He loved animals and was an amazing horse rider.
One day as Sybil was tending to Samuel’s horse she heard a voice in the back of her head; “Um, a little more to the left with that brush please!” Sybil stumbled back in surprise. Then she slowly got up from the ground and took the brush she had been using on the horses side and started brushing slightly to the left from the spot that she had been brushing the moment before. Again, she heard the voice; “Thanks!”  Timidly Sybil said in her head; “Hello?” To her surprise the voice replied, “HI!” Sybil responded, “Um, who are you, and why can I hear you inside my head?” The voice said, “I’m the horse you have been so gently brushing! Didn’t you know you were a- Sybil interrupted, “A what?” The horse finished, “A sorceress!” Sybil was very surprised, she had never been able to talk to animals before!
        She ran home to her mother to tell her about this odd experience, but the worst part was that her mom believed her! “Yes, Sybil dear, I must say I have been expecting this for a long time.” Sybil stared at her mother dumbfounded. She cried in outrage, “AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME?” Sybil’s mother explained how she would now be able to go to the Y.W.A.M.A (The Young Women's Academy for Magical Arts) Where she would learn to control her powers and use them for good. The next day Sybil and her mom went to the market for the supplies she would need for the academy. She got a bag, pencil, and a special necklace with a locket. It was silver, with a finely woven chain, and the locket was big enough to fit a large marble inside.
        The next day she got on a ship and sailed to the island of Hawaii Shotiko, where the academy was built. She met up with the headmaster, who gave her a schedule and instructions to her first class. As soon as she walked into the room, 12 pairs of eyes turned back to stare at her and the teacher asked her if she wanted to come up to the front of the class and explained how she had been sent here, and when she got to the part about her powers, she hesitated. She didn’t know what was wrong but there was something holding her back from telling these people the whole story. Her teacher motioned for her to sit down, and Sybil obliged. This was just the first class and their teacher was just going over the rules. “The next class each of you will determine what your powers are, which brings us to the next rule.” Her teacher continued. “You will not, under any circumstance, use your magic against your peers.” Then the bell rang. Everyone filed out of the class to head to their next period. Most of the girls that had been in Sybil’s first class were also in her second. The examiner called the first 3 girls up front so that someone could talk with them.
“Albanathy, Clara” and then,
“Brewster, Abby” and the last of the first three;
“Carlos, Sara” Sybil sighed in relief. She had NOT wanted to be among the first called up. After the three had come out the director called up the next 3,
“Yolo, Tina”
“Harlos, Maddison”
“Ludington, Sybil” Sybil’s shoulders sagged as she trudged up to the front of the room. She and the other two girls stepped into their own booths and talked with their examiner. There were all sorts of tests, and the examiner asked all sorts of questions.
“Have you had any experience with magic before?”
“Does your magic kick in at random times?”
“Can you describe to me what your magic does at these times?”
        Sybil explained her encounter with Samuel’s horse and how she had been so surprised that the horse was talking to her. She explained that this was the only time she had seen or used her magic. She explained how The horses voice had been so sharp and clear in her mind, all while the examiner took notes. He finally came to a conclusion and found this so alarming that he called the headmistress. When the headmistress walked in, looked at the paper, and her face instantly whitened. She said, “Sybil, dear, come with me please.”
Sybil and the headmistress, Mrs. Albanathy, hastily walked down the hall into a dark, secluded, room. Then she spoke. “Sybil, honey, would you please explain to me what you told Mr. Grunnings?”
So Sybil repeated exactly what she told Mr. Grunnings, all the while Mrs. Albanathy’s face got whiter and whiter. She said “Sybil you are very special, you have the power of a true sorceress.”
Sybil was shocked. She didn’t think she was very important, I mean, all she could do was talk to animals! Mrs. Albanathy continued, “You can talk to animals, brew potions, cast spells, collect and create amulets, and you have the power to heal anyone, no matter how injured they are. They could be and inch from death, and you could save them!”
“I. Can. What????”
“You can heal people, whatever condition they are in.”
Sybil stared at her headmistress in awe. Then they went back to class, and Mrs. Albanathy told her to come down to her office at the end of the day, for personal training. Then the bell rang, and Sybil moved onto her next class. This class was all about crystal gazing. Her classmates looked into their crystal balls and referred to the Dream Oracle to see what these images meant. This was a tricky skill, but Sybil mastered it quickly. She predicted that their teacher would break a crystal ball, which became true. She also predicted that the girl next to her would lose a treasured possession by the end of the day. And, boy, did that come true! Around lunch time the girl that had been sitting next to Sybil ran into the cafeteria and shouted “My wand! It’s gone! Someone must have stolen it!”
        So everyone was sent back to their dorms, wondering who had stolen Felicity’s wand, and whether or not their wand would mysteriously disappear too. The next day Felicity and Sybil were called down to the office. Felicity’s parents had bought her a new wand, and the headmistress wanted Sybil to interrogate three students, to see which of them had stolen the wand. “You’ll know who it is, you’re a sorceress, one of your natural powers is detecting lies.” Sybil’s headmistress said. So Sybil interrogated the 3 girls and discovered that it was Shelly, who was one of Felicity’s best friends. “Felicity is always top in our classes!” Shelly sobbed, “I’m always terrible, so I thought that maybe if i had Felicity’s wand I would get better. I would have returned it!” Shelly completely broke down, “I’m so terrible at school and if I get any worse I might get kicked out” Mrs. Albanathy assured Shelly that she was not terrible, and that she would not get kicked out of the academy. Shelly had, however, stolen, and there were punishments for such a crime. Shelly would now have to take private lessons with Mr. Darnara for an entire week, without friends and good supplies that would enable her to learn correctly. Sybil pulled Mrs. Albanathy aside and asked her if she could teach Shelly for a week instead of Mr. Darnara. Mrs. Albanathy agreed. So every evening Shelly went down to Sybil’s dorm for private lessons.

                      THE END
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