Frank's Return - Leo's Return story short w/Frank

Frank's Return - Leo's Return story short w/Frank

My story Leo's Return focuses on how different Leo is after being gone. I'm making shorts with each of the seven (except Leo unless you ask maybe) and some other characters of the aftermath of their disappearance.

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Hazel and Annabeth walked into the dark passageway. They weren't sure whether they would find Frank or not but it was worth a try.  Hazel was getting worried she hadn't seen him in months. The hall opened into a large chasm.  It was dark and musty and they couldn't see much other than what was right in front of them.  The only thing leading them to Frank was the groaning they heard coming from the corner.  Hazel thought she was prepared for everything but nothing could prepare herThere was a large pit and they saw hands coming from it, and Hazel ran over to see if it was Frank.  Thin bony fingers clung to the edge of the pit, Desperately trying to pull up the body was attached too.  The girls ran over, Hazel in the lead, Annabeth trailed right behind her.  " Frank! Is that you?" Hazel screamed while she grabbed the hand. She was sure it was Frank even though the face didn't look like him.

It was sunk in in and covered in shadows like the world itself had been trying to swallow him hole. Maybe it had.  Hazel and Annabeth each grabbed hand and pulled him to the top of the pit. They looked at him up and down while he lay gasping on the cold floor. He looked like a zombie, or worse, a skeletal warrior.  He was only flesh and bone and he looked nothing like himself. Hazel had a hard time believing that this was the boy she fell in love with. She wondered what had happened to make him this way.

"What happened? when was the last time you ate something?  You look worse than Octavian!" Hazel exclaimed.  Frank was in no mood to respond. He spluttered on the floor and muttered something that sounded like a sarcastic thank you. Hazel felt bad for him. She wondered how he had stayed alive.  Frank tried to sit up, but failed miserably and fell on his face. Annabeth rushed over from the corner of the room where she had been looking at them unbelieving way and helped him up.  Hazel was paralyzed in her spot staring at him. He has lost all his strength and she was wondering how he had survived.
" How are you even alive right now?" Annabeth said. Frank coughed "Photosynthesis." Wow. He had turned into a flower just to survive. That was low, but it had kept him alive, so Hazel was thankful for his inherited shape shifting abilities for once.  Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, Frank collapsed on her lap.  Annabeth dug in her backpacker some ambrosia squares and force fed them to Frank.  He woke up almost immediately, but as soon as he did he threw up the godly food and coughed.

His clothes hung simply off him as if to be a symbol of how he was simply hanging onto life.
"We need to get you help!"  Annabel declared. I got the message and found the golden drachma. Now all I needed was a water source.  Luckily we had planned for this.  I grabbed the spray bottle of water we kept in the backpack for emergency iris-messages.  I already had the flashlight out, and shone the light just like practiced, and threw the drachma in saying the thing we always say when we want to do an iris message.  Percy popped up in the mist.
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