Green Jumpers {Fazbear #1}

Green Jumpers {Fazbear #1}

Jeremy was abused all through his childhood by his father. He never went to schools and he was half starved. But then Mike came. And changed his life.

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Chapter 2.

New day

This is a new day. No more pain or anything today. Actually I said that yesterday. Hm.

I escaped this time, by trying to open my window. It had been glued down, but I got at least three boiling cups of hot water and almost literally melted the wall. I finally melted half the glue, and was able to open the window. For once I was proud of mysf.

One leg at a time, I jumped from the window and landed onto the snow. Luckily it was soft, and squishy. I realised I was at someone's feet, my hands on their black shiny shoes.

"I told you we'll meet again." The figure grinned from head to toe  and helped me up onto my own feet. I was dizzy, and almost fell onto his chest. He laughed softly and held me up, guiding me to a nearby tree where we can rest.

"Woah, Jeremy, what's with the cut. And why did you fall from your window? And most importantly, how have you never seen snow?" Although it was a few, it felt like millions of questions being thrown at my face. I shook it off and sighed, giving him only a few seconds until I answered him.

"I f-fell on a broke-en b-beer bottle. That's how i-I go-ot my cut," I took a deep breathe before continuing. "I tried to escape my fa-father from a-abusing me, he never let me go and th-threw me around from time to t-time. Th-then when I m-met you, that w-was th-the first time I e-ever went outs-side." He sighed and held me closer to his chest. He was warm actually.

"I'm so sorry Jeremy." He sighed again and pulled a sad smile before lifting my head up. He helped me onto my feet and supported me until we reached his car.

"Well, you can stay at my place. And if your father comes looking for him, I'll call the cops." I whimpered at his idea, but then nodded since I wanted to get away so badly. I was crying, each frozen drop landing onto the snow. He helped me into the passenger seat, and glanced at me often smiling sadly after every traffic light.

He really is a friend. I think.
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