Green Jumpers {Fazbear #1}

Green Jumpers {Fazbear #1}

Jeremy was abused all through his childhood by his father. He never went to schools and he was half starved. But then Mike came. And changed his life.

published on February 20, 201543 reads 10 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


I'm just one of those people who look baggy in everything. I'm short, incredibly skinny, jumpy and nervous. Very, very, nervous. I had messy light brown hair that likes to cover my eyes from the people around me. My dad never took me for a hair cut. Actually he never let's me out the house.
But this time he did. I was told to get the paper, and if I wasn't there in the next 5 minutes he'll have to chase me down.

The door knob turned as I pushed open the door, lightly moving onto the steps, which seemed to be frozen or something. Little white flakes speckled from the sky, and I giggled at the flakes falling around me. One landed on meh nose, and I smiled for the first time.

"You act like you haven't seen snow." A taller boy, probably same age snorted to himself. He was holding a bag, full of letters and wearing a blue cap. I gaped at him, wondering how long he's been there for.

"Wh-what's sno-snow?" I did my usual stutter, while his eyes widened and looked at me if I was a total weirdo. So that explains the white stuff from the sky. He edged closer to me and picked up a handful of 'snow' from the ground. He chuckled and shaped it into a ball, coming closer towards me.

"This." He gave me the ball. "Is snow." It trickled from my hand, and I giggled at how cold it was. He smiled at me, which got wider as I smiled back. A hand patted from my back and and grinned from ear to ear.

"Oh yes, I'm Mike by the way." He grinned wider, and slowly started to take a step back. I thought for a moment, only realising he wanted my name too.

"Oh. Um. I'm J-Jeremy." I pulled a weak smile, and he nodded while turning back. He waved a hand to me, grinning for ear to ear again. I waved back smiling slightly.

"I hope we meet again, Jeremy." He threw me a newspaper before he left, and disappeared down the road. I turned to return the paper to my father, but was blocked. By him.

"Who was that!?" He growled, grabbing my collar and throwing me into the hallway. I cut my head on a broken beer bottle I fell onto, but only did a small drizzle of blood. Nothing serious. But this Mike, he seems nice. Nice enough I guess.
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