The Dazzlings's New plan !

The Dazzlings's New plan !

The Dazzlings have a new plan ! There's a special new girl at canterlot high , and the Dazzlings are after her. The Dazzlings are sisters, Adagio 14, Aria 13, and Sonata 12. They got their necklaces fixed by their baby sister,but who is she?The new girl is very precious to the Dazzlings. But why ?Her magic is very strong, and the Dazzlings have plans for her...They want to kidnap her ,and take every chance they can to hang out with her. They plan to get rid of her friends, Chole and Kaycey , who try to protect her from someone who keeps trying to kidnap her. The rainbooms want to help her and protect her.The Dazzlings have wanted to get their revenge on Sunset Shimmer since a few years ago. But why ? Why does the new girl seem so familiar to Sunset Shimmer?

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Chapter 1.
Intro part 1 : She Will Pay !

Intro part 1 : She Will Pay !

The Dazzlings sat in a restaurant booth on the red cushions and smiled at each other deviously . They had a new plan, and it would be hilarious how the  Rainbooms aka The Mane 6 , Sunset Shimmer , and Final Scratch would react ! The looks on their faces would be priceless ! The sisters were all thinking the same thing: This plan'll be fun ! Adagio broke the silence by chuckling . " Isn't this wonderful , sisters ? As soon as our darling baby sister gets here , our necklaces will be fixed and our new plan will begin . " Sonata gave a cute cackle . " You know the best part ? We'll finally get our revenge on Sunset Shimmer ! And her stupid so-called 'friends ! " Sonata cackled again and rubbed her hands together deviously. She licked her lips. " We've been waiting FOREVER to get our revenge on Sunset Shimmer ! " She smirked evilly as her eyes gleamed . " And now we're finally going to get it ! "
She stood up , hands on her hips , and laughed evilly as thunder rumbled outside. Aria smiled at her little sister , joined in , and smirked deviously as her eyes gleamed , along with Sonata's. Adagio loved her sisters . Especially her baby sister . Her baby sister's her favorite . Her precious , sweet , baby sister . Sunset Shimmer took her precious , sweet little baby , her favorite sister away from her . And she was going to pay . SHE WAS GOING TO PAY !!!! Adagio joined in, and her evil laugh was the loudest .
Thunder boomed and lightning flashed as she laughed and it began to rain so hard it sounded like metal pins instead of freezing water , and so fast it sounded like galloping horses . The wind began to bow so hard it swirled and sounded like the loud , strong wind you find during blizzards, cold, so loud and strong it can sweep you off your feet, and push back trees and shake their branches . “Oh , yes , she will pay ! SHE WILL PAY ! “ , Adagio shouted as thunder boomed , lightning flashed , and wind howled violently , fast ,  strong , and loudly.
Aria and Sonata smiled at their sister and sat back down in their usual spots , on the side facing forward , Aria on the left , Sonata on the right . “ Ah , yes , revenge on Sunset Shimmer will be DELICIOUS . “ Adagio smiled evilly as she sat down in her usual spot , facing the door , except on the right side , she was saving the space on the left for their baby sister . Adagio , Aria , and Sonata couldn't wait to see their baby sister again . They hadn't seen her or found her in years , thanks to Sunset Shimmer . They just wanted to cuddle her up in their arms , hug her , kiss her cheek , and keep anyone and anything from harming her .
No one was going to hurt their precious , sweet little baby ever again .  They were going to keep an even closer eye on her . They would wrap their arms around their baby and stroke her hair . They wanted to make sure she was safe . They would do anything to protect their precious, sweet , darling , little baby-cakes . She was Aria's precious , sweet , little  cream-puff, Sonata's darling, precious little sweetie-pie , Adagio's precious , sweet , little darling baby sis .  They were going to make Sunset Shimmer pay . Speaking of their baby sister , she was disguised as Twilight sparkle . She was wearing a orange ruffled dress, silver and orange boots, a silver hoodie, carrying a orange bag and a silver umbrella .  She ran towards the restaurant , and opened the door , her umbrella hanging by her side , hand on her hip . The bell jingled as she released the door and smiled at her sisters . They , all thinking she was Twilight Sparkle glared at her . Adagio stood up , hands on hips and was still glaring . “Twilight Moonbeam Sparkle !” , She shouted using Twilight's full name. “What are doing here- “ She paused and her eyes widened as the girl winked at her and pulled the necklace so it showed over her sweater . Their glares instantly turned into warm smiles . “ Ah, you're here my precious , “ they spoke in union .  “ We've missed you so much , sit we have a plan to discuss . “
TBC in the next chapter
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