Discussing the plan
The girl nodded and happily slid in next to Adagio and threw her arms around Adagio, hugging her tightly. " I missed you ! I missed all of you so much ! " Adagio hugged her back. " We missed you too, baby-cakes. " All four sisters stood up and hugged eachother, very happy they found eachother again. After 7 minutes of hugging, they sat back down in their spots. The girl smiled.
" So, what did you have planned, sisters? " Adagio began to tell her, but the girl's mind wandered, and she felt te...
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The Dazzlings's New plan !
The Dazzlings have a new plan ! There's a special new girl at canterlot high , and the Dazzlings are after her. The Dazzlings are sisters, Adagio 14, Aria 13, and Sonata 12. They got their necklaces fixed by their baby sister,b...
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Qfeast Questions & Answers
The Official Qfeast Q&A page. Don't forget to read the FAQ at http://www.qfeast.com/faq !
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Is there anyway to recover an accidently deleted chapter
If you have saved your story after you deleted the chapter, it is not possible to recover it. If you haven't saved yet, just refresh the page
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on February 03, 2015