Playing in Minecraft: Noob to Pro

this is not a account of my life in Minecraft. Just some made up girl who's username is Milky9965. Every time she sleeps is the end of a chapter. Probarbly 0-2 chapters a day.

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Playing in Minecraft: Noob to Pro
Chapter 1.
The First day

The First day

Finally! I have enough money to buy Minecraft! I give my mum my money and she buys Minecraft! Now I'm in Minecraft not knowing what to do because I was so excited I didn't even think about researching about minecraft. Even though I've never studied Minecraft, I still know a scrap about what to do. i think this should be obvious to everyone who reads the title. Minecraft is about mining and crafting. alright. Back to Minecraft. Right now I'm making a dirt house. I know! I know! You're supposed to make a house out of planks but I don't know how to craft them. Oh my god! This house looks atrocious! I can't bear watching it! Ugh! I'm pretty sure I'm doing the wrong thing but my instincts told me to go exploring. 3 Minecraft days past and I see a creepy dark blue thing with wings flying towards me! I mine down into the dirt because what else am I supposed to do? Just let it kill me? You're probarbly all wondering why I wasn't in my ugly dirt house. It's actually because I wanted to start mining(now I have a wooden pickax because I searched on google about how to make one) I actually mined lots of cobblestone first and then made a pickax(I did some really important research) and when I was digging, I saw some iron! I was just about to mine it when I heard this creepy sound like bubbling and I know it's lava! I was so scared I ran up my mine and blocked the entrance. It actually turns out that I was underground for 3 minecraft days! Now, you're probarbly wondering why I don't recognize that creepy dark blue thing. It's because I only searched: how to make a pickax and then how to make sticks, crafting tables and oak wood planks. I also searched tips for mining. Alright, alright, I out ran that creepy thing and went back in my dirt house. I flop down on my bed(which I also learned to make) and fell asleep.
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It really depends on the perspective that you choose. In Minecraft, I may be considered a newbie in the most fundamental sense because I don't like mining. The vast majority of new players in Minecraft don't really pay attention to their hunger bar. They run very quickly from one place to another while also jumping and sprinting during See More▼
23 days ago
Well it depends on how you look at it. In the most basic way I might be a noob because I dislike mining, in MINEcraft. Most noobs in Minecraft don’t exactly look out for their hunger bar. They rush from here to there, sprinting and jumping in the process. This results in overexertion and makes your character hungrier.

I’m mostly a builder now and trying to figure See More▼
on June 04