Empress [Lelouch x Ellie]

Empress [Lelouch x Ellie]

Ellie is over at her friend Lelouch's house, and they decide to play a game of hide-and-seek. Warnings: creepiness, implied violence, excessive tickling

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        “Come out, Ellie!” called eighteen-year-old Lelouch Lamperouge. Ellie giggled silently and moved into the dining room, away from her ravenette friend. She slipped under the table, the tablecloth, as he passed the open door. “Where are you?~”
        She waited until he was gone, then ran into young Nunnally’s bedroom. The girl, thankfully, was now Viceroy of Area 11, so there was no need to worry.
        Until, of course, Lelouch leapt out of the closet and pinned her to the bed. “Found you.”
        Ellie silently giggled and let out a series of soft whistles that roughly meant “Guess so, you win Lulu” As she was mute, Lelouch had thought of a complicated language for her to communicate with, using only whistles. Lucky she was able to.
        He started tickling his brown-haired friend, engulfing her in silent laughter. After a long while (and many attempts of hers to say ‘stop’ by mouthing), he ceased his attacks and sat up at the edge of the bed, suddenly serious. Ellie sat up as well, tilting her head.
        “Ellie...you know I’m Zero...you know all about it...and you know that one day I’ll be the emperor, correct?” Lelouch asked. At her nod, he continued. “When I am...will you be my empress?”
        Her face changed from a state of confusion to a wide smile, and she hugged him from behind. She kissed his cheek, and nodded.
        He gained a smile of relief. “Good…” Then he picked her up in a piggyback ride and bounced around a little, smirking slightly. “Come on, it’s getting late. You can sleep in my room, it’s too dark to walk home and I don’t trust the rest of the building.”
        If someone had walked into his bedroom the next morning, they would’ve found Ellie sleeping near the wall, Lelouch by the bed’s edge, holding her small frame tightly against him. It was cute, really.

        “Come out, Ellie!” called eighteen-year-old Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia. Ellie was paralyzed with fear, knowing what would happen if he caught her. “Where are you?~ You promised you’d be my empress, didn’t you?”
        She hid under the dining room table, under the tablecloth, and when he had passed, she ran into Nunnally’s old room. In there, there was no need to worry.
        Until, of course, Lelouch leapt out of the closet and pinned her to the bed. “Found you.” He pulled out a shiny knife, not unlike the one Rolo had had.
        “N...no...p-please Lulu…” Ellie whispered hoarsely, shaking her head and tearing up.
        “But you ran from me. You need...to be punished!” He raised his knife, then brought it down.
        The blue-eyed girl snapped awake, and felt her lover’s arms around her. He moved a little, sensing her discomfort. “Ellie..? You alright?”
        She nodded, and he turned her to face him, concern in his beautiful purple eyes. “Ellie.” That was all he said, her name, like something magical. “My sweet empress…”
        And then he closed the distance between them.
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