5 Seconds of Summer Song Preferences

5 Seconds of Summer Song Preferences

Just some song preferences about my four perfect punk rock angels. <3 <3

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Chapter 1.
#1 - One Last Time by Ariana Grande

#1 - One Last Time by Ariana Grande

Ashton: 'I know that this is my fault, I should have been more careful.'

It was currently three a.m. You were sitting half-asleep at the kitchen table, waiting for your boyfriend, Ashton, to come home. This was the third time this week that he'd been back late, and you knew he'd be drunk, just like the other two times.
You were honestly slightly dreading his return. Both times he had yelled at you and the last day he had come dangerously close to hitting you.

Ashton eventually stumbled in at half four. "Hey, (Y/N)," he slurred. "Ashton, this is the third time this week that you've come home late and drunk," you said quietly. He stared at you. "Since when do you control me?" he snarled, stepping closer to you. You started backing away, terrified. "I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE, (Y/N)!" Ashton yelled. "Could you please stop, for me?" you whispered. Ashton paused for a moment, then slammed you back against the wall and walked off. You whimpered in pain, and felt blood dripping down the back of your head. You curled up in a ball, tears running down your face, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Ashton found you lying on the kitchen floor, dried blood staining the back of your head. "(Y/N)..." he breathed. You stirred, and opened your eyes slowly. When you saw Ashton, you scrambled away from him, your eyes wide. He was confused for a minute, then you whispered, "Please don't hurt me again..." He put the pieces together, and realised what he had done. "I did that to you, didn't I?" he asked shakily, pointing to your head. You nodded, still scared. "I can't believe it...it's all my fault..." he said to himself, shocked that he would do such a thing to you. He notices that you're still sitting against the wall, anticipating what he'll do next. "I'm not going to hurt you again, (Y/N)," he told you, his voice cracking. You got up slowly, and hugged him. "I'm so sorry," he cried. "I should have been more careful. I promise I'll never do that to you ever again. I love you."

Luke: 'And I know, and I know, and I know she gives you everything.'

You had to admit it, even though it was really clichéd - you had a crush on your best friend. Well, it was more than a crush.
The thing was, he had a girlfriend. You tried your best to hate her, but you couldn't. It wasn't easy for you to hate people, and she was actually nice. All the fans liked her, although the other boys didn't, since they knew about your crush on Luke. And it was pretty annoying for them, since Luke and Amanda loved each other and they were always showing it. It got even worse for you when Amanda and you joined the boys on tour.

You and Calum were sitting alone on the tour bus one day. Michael was asleep, Ashton was buying new drumsticks and Luke and Amanda were off somewhere. You were watching Calum play FIFA when all of a sudden, you felt tears slipping down your cheeks. Calum noticed that you were unusually quiet, and turned to you. Once he saw you crying, he hugged you instantly. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Luke...Amanda..." is all you could say, but Calum understood. "I know, sweetie," he sighed. "It must be so awful for you. But it'll get better, I promise you." You rested your head on his shoulder, and he kissed your forehead, just as Luke walked in. "Um, what is going on?" he asked, and the two of you looked up straight away. "I was just trying to comfort (Y/N)," Calum explained. "You know, since you ignore her the whole time." He got up and walked out.
Luke turned to you. He noticed your tears. "What is it, (Y/N)?" he asked, concerned. "Like you care," you mumbled. "I do, you're my best friend," he insisted.  "I can't tell you, anyway," you sighed. "Why, don't you trust me?" Luke said, hurt. "No, I just don't want you to hate me," you told him. I wouldn't hate -" he started to say, but you cut him off. "You don't know what it is." You stood up and left the room. Luke stared after you with a confused expression.

"You could write him a note?" Calum suggested. You told him that you really want to tell Luke about how you feel, but you have no idea how to do it. "That's a great idea, Cal!" you exclaimed, and Calum grinned. "Leave somewhere in his bunk," he advised you. You nodded. "Thank you!"
You ended up leaving this note on Luke's pillow:
I decided to tell you why I was crying earlier. I didn't want to tell you face to face, so Calum suggested that I should write it down. So...
I was crying because you broke my heart. I absolutely hate seeing how happy you and Amanda are around each other, because I've loved you for so much longer than she has. I've loved you for almost as long as we've known each other.
I told you that you'd hate me. I know that I've just ruined our friendship, but I couldn't hold it in any longer. I understand if you want to shut me out of your life. I deserve it.
I'll always love you, though.
(Y/N) xxxxxxx

Luke found the note that night. He read through it quickly, his heart racing. He waited before he was sure all the others were asleep before creeping over to your bunk and gently waking you up before whispering, "I need to talk to you." You sighed, climbing out. You were sure that he was going to yell at you, and end your friendship.

You followed Luke out into the freezing night air, shivering. Luke stopped and spun around, facing you. "Okay, I'm ready," you said, taking a deep breath. "Shout at me."
Luke frowned. "Why would I shout at you?" "Because of what I said in the note," you mumbled, looking at the ground. "You read it, right?" Luke nodded, smiling. "I'm so glad I did," he told you. "I'm so glad that you feel the same way about me that I feel about you."
You stared up at him, confused. "Did you just say..." Luke nodded eagerly. "Yeah, (Y/N), I love you too. I got together with Amanda to try and move on from you, because I was sure that you'd never love me back. But it didn't work. The feelings never went away."
You grinned. "I love you, Luke. I always will."

Calum: 'Just stay with me a minute, I swear I'll make it worth it.'

It was a month since you and Calum had broken up. You tried to move on as quickly as you could. But now, you had just seen your new boyfriend cheating on you, and you couldn't help but think that Calum would never do something like that.

You were currently sitting in the park by yourself, crying over the fact that your boyfriend would cheat on you, and crying because you had just realised how much you missed Calum. Memories of him played in your head: your first date, your first kiss, him cuddling you and so many more.
You had no idea how long you were sitting there until a voice interrupted your trance. "(Y/N)?" You looked up, and saw Calum staring down at you, with a worried expression. You fought the urge to jump up and hug him and kiss him. "Hi," you said weakly. Calum sat down next to you. "Why are you crying?" he asked. You bit your lip. "Well, I just saw my boyfriend cheating on me," you sighed. "Then I thought that you would have never done something like that, and I guess I'm crying at the moment because...I just miss you so much..." You turned away, wiping your cheeks. Calum was silent for a minute. "I miss you too," he admitted. "I can't even remember why we broke up." "Neither can I." "I haven't tried to move on from you," he told you honestly. "I know I couldn't. I love you too much." You smiled slightly. "Can you just...stay with me for a minute?" you asked. Calum nodded, moving closer to you. "I'll stay with you for as long as I can." he whispered. "Forever."

Michael: 'I know I should have fought it, at least I'm being honest.'

Michael had just come back from tour, and you were absolutely delighted to have him around again. He had been away for so long, but it was worth it now. He was telling you all the stories that he had, and you were telling him everything that had happened at home. You couldn't be happier.

"Um, (Y/N)?" Michael said one morning, walking into the kitchen where you were making breakfast. "Yeah, Mikey?" you said, not bothering to turn around. "I have to tell you something..." Now you looked at him. "What is it?" you asked. Michael took a deep breath. "I kind of cheated on you while I was on tour." Your eyes widened. "What?" you whispered. "It's just..." Michael sighed. "I thought that you wouldn't love me as much when I got home. I wanted to do something to get your attention. I know it was stupid, but I just had this urge to cheat on you." "You should have fought it," you said quietly. "I would have fought it for you." "I know," Michael said. "But at least I'm being honest." Tears started to well up in your eyes. "Oh, no, (Y/N), don't cry," Michael said quickly. You shook your head. "I just can't believe you would do that to me." "(Y/N), please forgive me," Michael pleaded. "It was one night, and I was drunk. It meant nothing to me. I can't remember the girl's name, or what she looked like. And all I did was kiss her, I promise." You think about this for a moment. You know you should break up with him, but he seems to regret it truly, and you love him so much. "Okay," you whispered. "You'll forgive me?" Michael asked, hopeful. You nodded. He hugged you tightly. "(Y/N), I promise I'll never do anything like that ever again," he told you. "You don't have to," you said. "I love you." "I love you so, so much," Michael breathed. "I can't tell you how much I missed you. I'm so glad to have you with me again."

A/N: When I first heard this song, I thought it would be absolutely perfect for a 5SOS song preference, so here it is!
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Oh geez... 5SOS is not Punk Rock. They are POP.
I know they're not punk rock. It's a joke, because they want to be punk rock but they never will be.
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on November 03, 2014