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Is anyone on here an All Time Low fan?
And if there are any secret Jalex shippers out there, please appear. Thank you.
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Is this a good idea for a story/project?
I just had this idea. What if I make a Qfeast Facts Book, where I post facts about celebrities - and you guys contribute the facts. I really want to do it, but I only will if you guys will read it and participate. What do you t...
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Did anyone else do the #upsidedownxproject?
I did! :D I didn't post a picture, but I had a red X on my wrist all day. ❤️
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Which celebrity do you think you are most like?
Personally, I am A LOT like Luke Hemmings. <3 <3 <3 I'm also really like Paul Zimmer and Danny Edge. And I guess I'm a bit like Thomas Brodie-Sangster because I'm shy.
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What is your theme song?
Mine is definitely You Don't Know Me by Ariana Grande. :D I relate to it SO much!
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Has anyone else seen the Delirium film?
I just watched the film of Delirium today, and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. They completely changed it!! And it was like a mixture of Delirium and Pandemonium. What was the deal with Julian and Thomas?? They're not ...
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What is your favourite 5 Seconds of Summer song?
My top ten are: 1. Heartache on the Big Screen 2. Heartbreak Girl 3. She Looks So Perfect 4. The Only Reason 5. Try Hard 6. Good Girls 7. Out of My Limit 8. Disconnected 9. If You Don't Know 10. Don't Stop
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Which is Disney film is the best?
My favourite is definitely Beauty and the Beast!!! :D Some of you probably know why, because I always go on about it... Anyway, which is your favourite? :D
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If you didn't think that I'm obsessed with Ariana Grande...
About two weeks before Yours Truly came out, I decided that I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT WAIT any longer, so I got the live versions of most of the songs from The Listening Sessions on my iPod...I still listen to them...
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Are you happy that Ariana and Jai are back together?
I am SO not!!! I absolutely adore Ari, but I hate Jai after he broke her heart, and I hate Jariana. What about you?
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Which fandoms are you in?
I am in a few fandoms. I am in the following fandoms: Ariana Grande Divergent Harry Potter Fifth Harmony The Fault in our Stars The Hunger Games Little Mix Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Dove Cameron
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Who are your idols or inspirations?
My idols/inspirations are...actually, can you guess? :D I have 3...well, 8. :D
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What is your favourite film? :)
Mine is probably Divergent!!! :D
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Who is your favourite film actress?
Mine is Shailene Woodley, definitely!! :D :D
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Are you excited for Problem?
I definitely am!! :D I've been listening to it live on repeat all day! :D
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What song should be Divergent's theme song? :)
(Not one from the soundtrack, please! :D ) I think Divergent's theme song should be Tattooed Heart by Ariana Grande. :D Please tell me if you get it!! Or Kiss Me Maybe LOL :D
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What is your word of the day?
Sorry, strange question!! :P Today, mine is Cantless. :D LOL please tell me if you get it!! :D
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Which factions do you think Uriah got in the aptitude test?
I think he got either Dauntless and Candor or Dauntless and Abnegation. :D
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What are your 3 favourite scenes from Divergent?
The book. ;) Mine are: 3. The zip line 2. The Ferris wheel 1. THE MUFFIN SCENE!!!! :D :D :D
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Who are your top 5 Divergent characters?
Mine are: 1. Tris 2. Uriah 3. Tobias 4. Christina 5. Cara
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