We Are Soldiers!

We Are Soldiers!

In a world where danger lurks at every shadow, can these cats survive? Humans have begun capturing cats and doing experiments on them left and right. Some show positive signs, making them have powers. And others show negative signs, turning them into soulless monsters. Few cats escape and hide. We are those cats. We are Soldiers!

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Chapter 2.
Captured/Meeting Someone (Chapter 1)

Captured/Meeting Someone (Chapter 1)

~~ Lyna's P.O.V. ~~

I awoke in my cage, trying not to get my hopes up. This might be the day they would let me go! Boy was I wrong. A tall human came to my cage with a sharp needle. I had seen the same thing happen to others. I was not going to become a monster, I was going to escape. Too late. He had opened the cage and grabbed me. I struggled to fix my teeth in his gloved hand, but it was no use. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my neck. It hurt so badly that I thought I was being slaughtered. But the pain stopped and I can't remember anything else after that. 

Once I had awoken, it was darker in the room than before. The sound of sleeping cats filled my ears as my eyes began to adjust to the darkness. Crap. I'm still with the humans. I tried to stand, but I fell. I managed to get up and stay up.

As I glanced around, I saw a cat starring at me. I noticed his wings and fangs. He had shiny blue eyes and a shiny black pelt. He looked scary in a sort of way, but there was a friendly glint in his eyes. It surprised me when he began tearing open his cage. He looked ready to escape. I pressed my face into the restricting bars of my cage, trying to get a better look at him. Suddenly he came back to my cage tore the bars of my cage apart with his huge fangs. He was...helping me?

"Come on! You want out, right?" He quietly hissed, motioning to the cracked wall with his tail. I hastily climbed out of my cage, helping the other cats escape. Once everyone was freed, the strange cat helped me out. He then led everyone to a large clearing, filled with cats just like us. Cats with powers. He explained how the humans didn't quite know about it yet. 

"I'm Kuturo and you all can come to me or anyone you see here if you have any questions," The cat, who's name was apparently Kuturo, said. He padded away slowly. I tilted my head in confusion as I stared after him. He must have seen it because he glanced back, turning around.

"Hi again, Is there anything else you need to know?" Kuturo asked me in a friendly tone. I nodded vigorously, wanting to know what this place was. He explained everything kindly. I knew that we would be friends.
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