We Are Soldiers!

We Are Soldiers!

In a world where danger lurks at every shadow, can these cats survive? Humans have begun capturing cats and doing experiments on them left and right. Some show positive signs, making them have powers. And others show negative signs, turning them into soulless monsters. Few cats escape and hide. We are those cats. We are Soldiers!

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Chapter 1.
Lyna's Introduction

Lyna's Introduction

Hi. I am Lyna. There's one strange thing about me though. I have two sides. I have a sweet, gentle, and caring side. But I also have to deal with my viscous, mean, merciless side. So when I'm in a bad mood, please don't mess with me, I wouldn't want to hurt you. I also have a white and grey/dark grey pelt and bright blue eyes. 

 I was taken from my family by the humans, who tested experiments on cats. When I was sent away from my home, I was thrown in a cage and given a shot. It hurt so bad I thought I would die right then and there, but I didn't. Many of the cats became soulless monsters that helped the humans capture and kill cats. 

 I was so scared at the moment that ice formed beneath my paws and froze the ground. I was so confused and surprised that I didn't know what to do. After a few more days of being there,  I got out of my cage with the help of another cat. I was scared of him at first, mainly because of his huge wings and fangs. He then explained everything to me. We then met up with a cat named Tay. I never knew if she liked me or considered me as a friend so I mostly hung out with Kuturo.

 Later, Kuturo and I became friends and we stayed like that. One day I got captured a second time and I never came back. My friends searched for me, but they gave up. I never came back and most cats thought I was dead. Even my Kuturo thought that, but he wishes he didn't. He never gave up. But guess what....

I never died.
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