Demi-Gossip | Season 1

Demi-Gossip | Season 1

This is a Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus. Host is Aphrodite!! Read and enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Episode 1 | Big 3 Children

Episode 1 | Big 3 Children

Demi-Gossip /  Host: Aphrodite

Aphrodite: Hello everyone! Welcome to Demi-Gossip! Today we have invited the Big 3 children! Thalia, Percy, and Nico!

Thalia: Hi!

Percy: Hey People!

Nico: Mm? What?

Aphrodite: So! Thalia, whats it like with the hunters of artemis?

Thalia: It's all so great! We always have a great time.

Aphrodite: Percy! How is it with Annabeth!?

Percy: Oh! It's great really!

Aphrodite: GREAT! You are such a good couple! And uh... Nico...

Nico: Yeah?

Aphrodite: I heard some gossip up in Olympus... Zeus and Poseidon.... They said their children ALL have completed something. Thalia, she leads the hunters. Percy, well, we all know. But you? What have you done?

Nico: Um, well...

Thalia and Percy: *Smirk*

Nico: *shifts, very uncomfortable*

Aphrodite: Well, I guess the gods where right...

Percy: (whispers: yes they where)

Aphrodite: Well, I guess we have to get more gossip!!! Let me text Zeus and Poseidon to see what they have to say!

Nico: (whispers: No please...)

Aphrodite: This is my text: Hi Zeus and Poseidon! I'm here with Percy, Thalia, and Nico... I heard you guys talking about how Nico has no accomplishments. He sure has some to tell you! Facetime me to talk /w him!

Nico: Fine

Percy: Am I supposed to leave?

Aphrodite: No, No. I'm sure Nico wants to share his secrets with everyone! (Aphrodite's phone buzzes)

Thalia: It's Zeus!
Aphrodite: Nico, get ready!

Zeus: Hello?

Aphrodite: Hello Zeus, it's a wonderful day, isn't it? Well, anyhow, I have Nico here, he wants to prove to you and Poseidon that he is worthy!

Poseidon: Then let him do the talking.

Aphrodite: Nico!! Poseidon and Zeus are on the phone for you!

Nico: Ok... Well. I am worthy because... Because I am a child of the big uh... 3.

Poseidon: How touching. Yet HOW STUPID!

Zeus: Ch... What a stupid child. Even your father is brighter...

Aphrodite: Well, thank you Zeus and Poseidon, and thank you Nico. Now Percy, you AND Annabeth will return here next week to tell the show about your relationship! BTW, go on to ship anything!

Nico: {mutters: Percy-annabeth... Percabeth... No}

Aphrodite: Well, thats Demi-Gossip for today! See you guys next week for a Percabeth special!
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@ArtemisMoon91904 @carolinagirl1029 @MockingjayDistrict it isn't letting me update this either...
on July 28, 2014
Lol more!
on July 28, 2014
This is great, post more soon! Also, can you add more to, "The Percabeth Project?"
Yea! Sorry i haven't updated, I'll write a new chapter today!
on July 20, 2014
on July 17, 2014
@CrystalDiamond2323, this reminds me of something you wrote...
Yep! Read fan_fic_author's bio
on July 11, 2014
on July 11, 2014