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Hey qfeasters! I'm working on a project for an L.A class and decided to write some fanfiction. It was my little sister's birthday when I began to write it so I based it off one of her favorite shows! Ultimate Spiderman! So I'm currently working on it but I would love some feedback! So I hope you all enjoy! The story is about a brother and sister, who are twins, and have some cool adventures! I suck at summaries so I'm sorry if it doesn't explain much. :)

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The beginning

The beginning

What a day...
It started out okay...
But now I have to stay...
In a hospital. Yay!
Mini Poem for no Reason!
*This means Author-san is narrating.*
"This means talking"
'This means inner thoughts and stuff'
And this is normal story mode thing.
It was a sunny day. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and everything was peaceful…
        You sighed in content, biking throughout your neighborhood. The scent of wet pavement hit your nose as nostalgia took over. You remembered the times when you and your brother would run out after a rain storm and jump in the puddles. *This time though, you had to go to hell on earth- *cough* I mean school.* Your ‘dear’ brother had caught a cold which means you have to go to school without him.
       *It sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s not often someone cares a lot for their siblings. But you two were a special exception. Fraternal twins, ya see. You two were always together, and formed a strong bond. It doesn’t mean you guys don’t argue, or have differences. In fact, I’d say you two tend to argue a little too often. I remember one time whe-*
        “LOOK OUT!!!” A voice yelled, causing you to squeak in surprise. You skidded to a stop on your bike and realized you almost rammed into a wall. Embarrassed, your cheeks flushed a bright red. You thanked your neighbor for yelling out to you and continued on your way.
*Ahh, good times.*
You finally got to the school after that *cough* almost incident. *grumble* Stupid neighbor person interrupting my introduction. *
        Midtown high. Oh how you loathed that name. *But hey, who can blame you? It’s like every other Tuesday some crazy supervillain crashes into this school.* Apparently Spider-Man had been seen around this area multiple times. Perhaps that's why? Don’t get me wrong! School itself can be enjoyable, if you actually care to do your work and socialize. *Shudders* ugh. There are some good bonuses though. With all this battling at this school, there hasn’t been many school days. Which means more vacation!
As you walked into the school, kids were everywhere, scurrying to get to class and then there was Flash Thompson, pushing a kid into the locker. You sighed quietly, annoyed by this. Couldn’t he just stop doing that? You straightened your back and walked over there, fake confidence radiating off you.
“Excuse me. Flash right?” You asked politely, putting your charms to use.
“What’s it to you-” He said as he turned around then stopped. Your innocent golden eyes looked at him, and you radiated purity. “Ah-Oh. H-hey babe, how's it going?” He asked in a flirtatious tone.
“The bell has rang, we need to get to class. Are you done putting things in your locker? Ms. Semacle is going to give detention to people who are late.” You said in a soft voice. An inaudible ‘huh?!’ Came from Flash and he bolted down the hallway. You giggled softly and knocked on the locker. “He’s gone… What’s your locker combination so I can get you out?” You asked in a sweet voice. Someone sighed from inside and told you his combination. After you put in the combination, the locker door flew open and out tumbled the nerd of Midtown High. *Well, that’s the title Flash calls him anyways.* You thought it was rather cute, and a compliment in your perspective. “Hi Peter... “ You giggled and helped him get his books to class.
“Thanks Ace, you’re a lifesaver!” He exclaimed, causing a red glow on your cheeks. *Not many people used that nickname except for your brother and close friends. Peter was one of those friends. It was long ago when you got that nickname. You were very good at shooting crossbows and using hunting bows. No you aren’t any sort of Katniss or Hawkeye, but you are pretty good at it; If you do say so yourself.* You chuckled shyly. “Wait, were you serious about the bell ringing?!” He yelled and frantically ran to class. You sighed and ran after him, today was going to be a long day.
You and Peter ran into the classroom right as the second bell rang. (Explanation: There are two bells in this: One signals to head to class and the second one signals that class begins.)
“Ahem.” You gulped simultaneously with Peter and looked at Ms. Semacle glaring down at both of you. She was scary when she was mad. She was about to rant about you two being late when an announcement came through the speaker.
*Hello students of Midtown High. I am the new Principle because Mr. (Insert random name) had got into an accident. I hope you all have a wonderful year!* And with that the speakers shut off. Then turned back on. *Oh I forgot! (Insert your name) please come to the office!* You stood there quite shocked. Thoughts continued to rush over you. ‘Did I do anything wrong?’ Your mind, an evil thing, started coming to strange scenarios. You quickly left the class, bag in tow, concern on your face. ‘I’ve never been to the Principal's office before…’ *gulp*
It seemed like a year walking there, even though in reality it was just a few minutes. Everything seemed sinister right now as you began to imagine. *I forgot to mention something to you, reader-chan. You may have a couple of voices in your head. “Go! GO GO!” A mini you was dressed in a soldier’s outfit running through the door, and with a gun in hand. “Operation Infiltration GO!” Another mini-you was giving commands. In the end there was an explosion.* It poofed you out of your imaginary bubble and you shyly knocked on the door.
“Come in!” A kind voice said from the inside. As you stepped in, a man was smiling at you, radiating kindness. You decided immediately that you liked this new principle.
“H-Hi.” Shyly waving at him, he gestured you to take a seat at his desk. “Um.. did I do anything wrong, sir?” You asked, nervously. His expression changed to amusement.
“Oh no, you didn’t.” He chuckled. “It seems that whenever anyone is sent here they automatically assume they're in trouble.” You sighed in relief and your tense muscles relaxed. But soon, curiosity took your thoughts.
“Why am I here, if you don’t mind me asking that is…” You stated, politely.
“Oh yes! I almost forgot! There are 4 new students coming here and I thought you could show them around. I thought about some others and asked some teachers, and they all said you would be best to do that. I also saw what you did this morning. That was very nice of you to help…” He paused, as if trying to remember the name of your friend.
“Oh, Peter! H-he’s my friend.” You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly.
“No need to be shy of it. There needs to be more people like you out here these days.” He trailed off in thought for a moment, then stood up. “Alright! That was all I needed to say. Could you come early on monday and show the new kids around school?” You smiled and stood up.
“Sure! I’m looking forward to it! I also forgot today was Friday!” You stuck your hand out and he complied. You two shook hands and then you left the office. As you returned to class, the time was spent imagining what these new students looked like. ‘Maybe I’ll make new friends.’ The bell rung and soon it was lunch time. You grabbed your tray and made your way to your brother’s friends table. It was near Peter’s table, and you could always switch over whenever. Your brother’s friends were like your siblings, and they thought the same.
“Hey Ace!” The older one called out, catching your attention. *His name was Darren. He was calm, cool headed and usually the ‘sane’ one of the group.*
“Suuuuup Girrrrl.” Someone said in a deep voice. *Ahh, Anthony. He and your brother were friends since pre-k. He was the funniest guy you ever met. He was always there for you when your brother wasn't. There were some more in this group, but we’ll get to them later. :)* He wiggled his eyebrows and winked at you causing you to laugh.
“Sup Broski.” You said, winking playfully back, struggling to imitate his voice. He and the others laughed as you sat down.
“So, Ace, where’s Thing 1?” Darren asked, teasing you. *It was his thing to call you Thing 2 and your brother Thing 1. You both being twins, and looking the same caused this. It was just a small joke you all made.*
“He’s home sick.” You sighed, not looking forward to returning into a stuffy house. “I wish he wasn’t though, I mean who’s gonna play video games with me?” You stated dramatically.
“He’s probably playing them right now as we speak!” Anthony laughed loudly, causing people from other tables to look at us. You suddenly had a sharp pain in your lower spine. Which only happened when- *BOOM*
It was then that the wall exploded, sending rubble everywhere. You coughed lightly, the dust stinging your eyes and coating your throat. Your eyes burned, causing you to whimper slightly (Or if Reader-chan is tuff stuff then growl) and rub your eyes, desperately trying to get whatever out of them. You shut your eyes tightly and felt yourself being pulled from the debris. You opened your eyes slightly and caught a glimpse of Flash’s concerned face before your eyes clouded over again.
“Hey, ___, are you ok?” Flash’s voice was surprisingly soft, and carried concern on his words.
“Yeah.. I think I’m fine… But I got some dust or something in my eyes and they sting.” You whined slightly. Flash gave you his arm and guided you out and behind what seemed to be a school pillar. You could hear yelling and screaming, but it wasn’t clear. There was a slight ringing in your ears. Not being able to see didn’t really help either. “What’s going on, Flash?” You asked in a hushed tone.
“Dude, it’s sooo cool. Spider-Man appeared and is fighting the Frightful Four! Except.. There’s only three of them. But it’s still really cool!” Your heartbeat quickened as you heard the fighting get closer. You heard an explosion and heard Mary Jane yell out Harry’s name. ‘What’s happened to him? Is he ok?’ These thoughts were thrown from your head as you felt yourself being dragged forcefully from the pillar. You opened your eyes a split second and saw the pillar collapse. A thank you formed in your throat but paused at the sight of who pulled you from it. *For whatever reason, God knows why, Klaw was the one who pulled you from under there.* Great confusion pounded your brain, and you had no clue why. Before you could ask why or anything, he was already on the other side of the cafeteria fighting Spider-Man. Apparently, Flash saw that as well. He glomped you in a hug, and started saying how sorry he was for leaving you. You stuttered that you forgave him and commanded that he didn’t tell anyone, because it could bring some trouble for both of you. He reverted back to his jock-ish self and laughed.
“Psh, no problem-oh, ____.” He stated and ran into the hallway. You saw Anthony and Darren and ran over to them.
“You two alright?” You asked, worried.
“Psh. We’re fine Ace. But isn’t this cool?!” Anthony said in a girlish squeal. Sometimes you really don’t know what goes on in his brain. The battle had just about finished up, with Spider-Man obviously being the victor.
Paramedics arrived at the scene and you were one of the people taken to the hospital for examination. They wanted to make sure your eyes weren’t cut with glass shards or dust. It was painful, they had to flush your eyes out. Then they had to check it with bright lights. After, they put a medical patch on both of your eyes and wrapped a bandage around it. They said you only needed it for the weekend. You felt pretty miserable. *Today didn’t really go how you wanted, but hey! At least you weren’t alone.*
You heard that Harry was next to you. You and him had quite a pleasant conversation, talking back and forth on family life and how you both were. It got awkward for a while when both of you had nothing left to say. Sleep soon overcame you, and you fell into a peaceful slumber.
You woke up to voices on your left and tuned into what they were saying. You recognized Harry’s and Peter’s voice and another. It sounded deep and kinda like Harry’s.
“Peter has your best interests at heart.” The mystery voice said. Harry made some sort of comment, then you heard your name being said. You heard footsteps rush over and arms wrap around you.
“Hey Ace! I’m glad you’re ok!” Peter said, his voice sounded happy and relaxed.
“Yeah, I feel fine…” You giggled and returned the hug.
“Who’s this young lady?” You heard the voice say.
“Oh, hi! I’m ____ Nightingale!” You said, holding your hand out to where you heard the voice. A warm hand grabbed yours and shook it.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Harry’s father, Norman Osborn.” He stated. You went silent for a small moment, in shock. *I mean, it’s not everyday you meet a millionaire. (or was it billionaire… things to ponder..)*
“It’s nice to meet you too!” You beamed, a smile on your face. Eventually, after that visit both Peter and Harry’s dad had left. Harry was mumbling something about his father and smiling. Something along the lines of ‘How did she make him smile?’. The day ended quite fast, surprisingly. You had a few visits from your brother’s friends, and Peter’s Aunt came and gave you some of her Apple pie. Sooooooooo delicious. Your mouth watered remembering the sweet fragrance and the crunchy soft crust and the filling- *stomach grumble* Oh.. *ahem* Sorry, we’re getting off track here… I hadn’t had any lunch yet. T-T* You started to get drowsy again, and soon you fell asleep.

*Nomnomnomnomnom* Holy Cheese… this cake is amazing. No I am not just writing this for humor. I am currently shoving this heavenly chocolate breadstuff sent down by the gods into my mouth.
        So I guess I’ll end it here for now! I really hope you all enjoyed reading this. I'm sorry if some characters are too OC, I'm not used to writing fanfiction on certain shows and such. Also, I know it’s pretty slow right now… but hang in there! I have all week to write more and more and more. So stay tuned for the next chapter!
Au revoir~
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