Forever and always (envy x reader)

Forever and always (envy x reader)

Sorry! i'm really bad at descriptions! i hope you all enjoy the story tho!

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Chapter 1.
First morning

First morning

You were snoring softly in your bed, probably dreaming peacefully when all of the sudden someone pounced you. “(Y/N), wake up, wake up!” your brother yelled. You groaned. “Come on, five more minutes” you said covering back up with your blanket. “(Y/N), your breakfast is going to get cold if you don’t hurry” he said. You immediately sat up and hopped out of your bed. “Morning Al” you said smiling at your brother. You were the big sister of Edward and Alphonse elric, you lived with your mother Trisha elric. You were nine years old while Ed was eight and Al was seven. You and your brother then headed downstairs and immediately you were greeted by the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes.

“Morning granny” you said to the women sitting out food on the table.
Her name was granny Pinako, she had grey hair that was pulled up tightly pulled up in a bun. You, your brothers, and your mother lived with her because your mother had grown sick and could not do things on her own anymore. “Morning (Y/N), are you ready for breakfast?” she asked. “You bet I am!” you exclaimed. Suddenly Ed came down the stairs with a tired look in his eyes. “Morning sleepy head” you said. He looked at you with tired eyes waving at you.

“Did you stay up all night studying alchemy?” you asked. “Maybe” Ed replied. You rolled your eyes sitting down at the table. “You’re going to work yourself to death if you keep on staying up at night” you commented. “I’ll be fine, I’ll try to get some sleep tonight” Ed said sitting beside you. Granny Pinako started serving breakfast to you and your brothers. “I’m going to give your mother some breakfast too, I’ll be right back” granny Pinako said heading upstairs.

You looked sadly at your brothers. “Do you think she’ll ever get better?” you asked. “I don’t know (Y/N), maybe people will find the cure, or she’ll heal on her own” Al replied. “She is an elric after all, strongest family that ever lived” Ed stated. You smiled at them. A few minutes later you and Al had finished breakfast and Ed had eaten all of his food but he didn’t drink his milk. “Ed, drink your milk” granny Pinako said. “I. Hate. Milk.” Ed replied. Granny got annoyed.

“That’s why you’re so short you pea!” granny yelled. “At least I’m not a half pint granny!” Ed yelled back. “What did you just say you little runt?!” granny snapped. “Shorty!” Ed yelled.
You and Al got up from the table slowly and backed out of the room carefully knowing that this argument would last a while. “Do they ever stop arguing?” you asked Al. Al shrugged. “But it’s kind of funny to watch” he said. “You’re right about that” you said. You both laughed.
“They’ll get along eventually” Al said. “Hopefully” you replied. “Well that or world war 3 would start” Al said. “I’ll get the popcorn” you said.
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