The Corruption

A collab of me and RAWROwO (BLOOD WARNING!) ~ Starlight and Rune are two young dragons trapped by fate. According to the prophecy, the sisters must defeat the infecting darkness, led by the evil drake known as the Corrupter. But stacked against impossible odds, with no place to hide, can Rune and Starlight fulfill their destiny? Or will the darkness prevail?

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Chapter 1.

Starlight and Rune 1

Starlight shifted uncomfortably on the barren stone. Her purple and silver scales and the blue underscales flashed under the moonlight that seeped through a small hole in the dormitory roof. The marking that resembled a star over her right eye was visible in the half light. Rune, an ashen drakaina, was asleep next to her, snoring away. Starlight nudged her awake. She sat up startled, “Huh?!?! Who’s there??!?!?!” she blinked the sleep from her amber eyes and then smirked, “Oh it’s just you.”

“Come on. I’ve already checked. Everybody is asleep.” Starlight whispered. Rune heaved herself up onto her feet, taking a deep breath. The shafts of light danced on the diamond shaped marking on her hip. “But...I have a test tomorrow! I can’t be half asleep!” she nearly cried. Roadrunner, a long legged dragonet who was brown with tan stripes, turned over in her nest, murmuring something indiscernible. Rune froze and eyed the other dragonet, but Roadrunner just went back to sleep. Starlight crept closer and put a wing around her shoulder. “I know, I have one too. But you know our magic works best at night. Plus, we have to finish the anti-corruption potion! Remember the words of the prophecy.” Rune’s mind flashed to the fate that she had been burdened with since her hatching: Darkness rising, seeping inside. There will be no place to hide. Bright light shining within, together two sisters of soul and kin. Storm raging, moon clear, starlight and runes show the light with powers divine. Freeing us from the curse, beware the corruption.  “Think of those corrupted!” Starlight continued, “we must free them.” Rune nodded solemnly, and both drakaina crept away.
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Comments (1)

I love it! Awesome job!
on May 10, 2015