The Glitch (part 2)

The Glitch (part 2)

Auntia is back, with Beatrice, Alfe and the whole gang, Get ready for adventure!

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Chapter 1.


     “Come on Beatrice, mom made supper.” I said happily so everybody could hear, including my Mother, Lilaven.
     Beatrice had just learned to walk all by herself. My sister smiled and followed right behind me.
     I grabbed Beatrice’s hand and flew down the stairs. My mother smiled and handed us a bowl of spaghetti.
    She sat down next to Beatrice and said happily “Let’s Feast.”
     She always seemed so beautiful.
     Beatrice smiled and began to eat. I feasted the best I could, by eating like a pig.
    “Auntie, stop vacuuming your food.” Mother said.
    I nodded and sat up straight. Beatrice began to laugh at me. Fury burned in my eyes like a wildfire.
    Mom said calmly “Don’t do that Tris.”
    Beatrice nodded and looked at me with Anger. Mother sighed and started to eat.
     After we were done eating dinner, I went back up to my bedroom, my stomach filled with food. Beatrice smiled and followed silently.
    “Auntie, read me a story.” asked Beatrice.  
    “Okay, let’s go down stairs.” I replied.
    As Beatrice waddled down stairs, I smiled and followed. Mom was already washing dishes; I didn’t want to interrupt her, so I grab a book from the family bookshelf.
     I didn’t know which story it was, but I just plotted down on the sofa next to Beatrice and looked at the cover. It wasn’t a book, I figured out later on. It was an envelope. I opened it like a door to an unknown land of Dragons and Unicorns.
     Beatrice waited for me to read it eagerly. I opened the card and stopped with a quiet gasp. It said,
     From Richard, Your children are Demons, Lilaven get rid of them before it’s too late.
     I looked at my Mommy. She held a knife in her hand. My eyes widened with fear.
    Beatrice asked “What does it say?”
    I looked at Beatrice with worry. Finally, I dropped the card and quickly went ran upstairs.
     Beatrice yelled from the bottom step “Sister, don’t leave behind.”
      I could hear her feet run up the stairs after me. I didn’t care about anything anymore; I just wanted to get away from here, far away. Suddenly, I heard a thud. I slowly turned around and saw Beatrice tumbling backwards.
    But I couldn’t reach far enough to catch her. Luckily, our Mother heard the commotion and ran to the rescue.
     I’m not quite sure what happened next, but I remember it clearly.
     Beatrice’s eyes widened with terror, I watched from the top stair, all of it. My mother suddenly collapsed, holding her head in pain. Then it happened, my mother head explosed.
     Blood went everywhere. I looked at Beatrice and then what used to be my mother. My head began to fill with confusion and sadness all at once.
     Something else happened that day; Beatrice says that I started to flame. The whole house burned down.
     There it was, the Demons. We were Fire and Death.
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