Broken chords

Broken chords

Sai just wanted a normal life. She couldn't speak, let alone sing. She moved houses again, and with her abusive mother forbidding her to make any friends, she refuses to get close so she doesn't loose them.

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Chapter 1.

Sai's new home

I was woken up by my ringing alarm clock buzzing loudly in my ears. I was supposed to do something today... I grabbed my phone and immediatley started getting ready. I put my long, purple hair in a pony tail, then grabbed my jacket. I looked in the mirror to see my dull, blue eyes. They're allways dull.
I was just out the door when I heard a buzzing. It was that girl, Kagamine  Rin.

Rin: Heey, where are you?

Sai/ Me: I'm coomiiiiing DX

Rin: Hurry before I roll you over!

Sai: You know where I live...?

Rin: Yep! ^_^

Sai: You shoulda told me...

Rin: Sorry..!

Sai: Oh, i forgot to mention something! It's not a happy factor... I kinda can't speak.

Rin: That's ok! ^_^

Sai: Nor sing.


Sai: Yeah...

I put my phone away to see a blonde girl and a blond male the same height waiting outside the door. I saw the blond girl jump up. "Saaaaaaiiiii- chan!" She waved. I waved back, then sighed. I glanced over to see the boy playing on his DS. "Helloooo?" Rin tapped the boy on the sholder. He looked up at me and a slight blush covered his cheeks.
"OOOOH, Lenny, do you have a crush?" She asked teasingly. I sighed. "Rin, you know not to call me Lennny!" He fired back.
I contenues listening to them argue, and after a bit I started tapping my foot in annoyance. "You don't have to be so mad- were twiiiiiins!" She sang. I typed: ICECREAM, remember? I was going to meet more people. We're already late enough!
I showed them my phone. "Oh yeah! Cmon!" They started leading me to a fancy yellow car, and they hopped in. "I call dibs on driving!" Rin shouted. "You allways drive though." He silently murmured. "Aaaand? I called dibs!" She replied as she put the keys in.
It's gonna be a loooong day.
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May re-write when i have time, but don't count on it.
on May 09, 2018
on May 08, 2018