"The Fazbear Pizzeria" Creepypasta

Based on the popular game, Five Nights At Freddy's. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was a local pizzeria located in the US. It shut down eventually, because of a incident that flooded the newspaper. I was there, Tony Vekhills. The only thing i remember is the animatronics whispering something.

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Chapter 1.


You know, parents are responsible for their children. Children always find things to entertain themselves with, now they just use tablets and smart phones to keep em' running. However, back in the '19s kids used to love Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. A place supposed to be filled with magic and freedom for adults and kids. I saw a commercial about it, i begged my mom to take me there. I kept begging until she finally cracked, we went there on friday. I was stoked to meet the supposed animatronic band, we entered.. I was astonished by the kids running around and having a good time. I stared at the animatronic band, to be precise. Chica, Bonny, and the bands leader Freddy. I looked over at a red fox, named Foxy. I examined him, it also made me wonder.

I sat on the desk and picked up a pizza, it tasted terrible. But i guess the place was basically aiming for kids to enjoy the animatronics, i know i did.

I examined Foxy, he seemed to have a dark red liquid oozing out of his mouth. His teeth were covered in mucus, i was disgusted and turned away from Foxy. My mom was having a private discussion with the adults, i was off exploring the pizzeria. I travelled down the halls, and found an office. I couldn't enter though, it must've been locked. The checkered floor had pizza stains scattered everywhere, even pizza was on the walls. Finally, i heard the animatronics talk. I rushed over to my mom and sat down on her lap, ready to listen.

Although, their voices did sound quirky. Probably a glitches voice box.

"Hey F-F-Freddy..!"

"Y-es Chic-ic-ica?"

"Do you know-ow-ow what i like doing best?"

"Whats that C-hica?"

I was a bit confused at one point, Chica whispered, "eat children" to Freddy. But she probably said "meet children" though.

"I like to d-do-do-do that too-too!"

I looked at the manager, shaking his head in disapproval and scratching his chin. He then crossed his arms and kept watching, i think he whispered something but i wasn't clear of what.

The lights started flickering and Freddy's signature jingle started playing, then screams started drowning it out. I was a little creeped out at this point, i wondered if it was all part of the act. I wasn't too sure though, because those screams sounded real. The lights then completely turned off, there was just silence now, and only the windows where making light. Then, more screams started coming from the staff room, the lights turned back on. Almost everyone was freaking out, a mother started yelling.

"Where are my 4 children!?"

I peered at the staff only room, while my mother was calming down the crying lady i snuck in there. A bunch of spare Animatronic parts where there, i saw a man wearing a Freddy costume putting something into a suit. There was muffled voices coming from them, the door slammed shut. The man looked at me, i was terrified at this point. I heard banging on the door, "let us in!!" men called from outside.

"Don't worry child, you'll fit perfectly.."

I started screaming, banging on the door continuously. The door opened, police came charging in with batons in their hands.

I remember the guy was handcuffed, he kept struggling. I was curious, i looked inside the suits. I stepped up a stool chair and took a peek.

I stared in horror, blood filling the suit. Dripping out of the side holes, flesh mashed up. The only thing left where the eyeballs and teeth, i almost puked. Some liquid fluids leaked out of the suit, dripped on too the floor.

Then, there was a suit at the back. A golden suit, i named him Golden Freddy. I guess i was supposed to be thrown in there, i felt sorry for the other kids who's lives were taken. I walked out, every parent seemed to be evacuating fast. My mom carried me on her shoulders, i peered at the animatronics. They started moving, saying odd things.

"Hey Ch-i-c..Jack..Help..a!"

"Yea-ea-ea-ea..May god bless us..ea Bonnie?"

"Whats that Bonnie-e-e..?"

"Eating healthy..Kids..veggies!"

I vaguely remember having a glimpse of the officers unplugging the animatronics..

When i arrived home my dad was holding up a news paper. He was excited, pouncing and cheering. He had circled with red marker a job application in the news paper. I didn't know why he was so excited, thats when i saw the picture, i read the article name.

"Help Wanted.. Night-guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!"
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on October 29, 2014
I like it :)
on October 27, 2014