Halloween Night (1)

Halloween Night (1)

This is a poem I made a couple years ago for halloween. It still is pretty great! :) I hope you enjoy it!

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Halloween Night

Halloween Night~ A poem
A howl
A scream
ringing through the night
when the wolf man comes into sight

hideous laughter
on Halloween night
when the witches cross the moon,
so bright, so bright

he's silent,he kills,
he screams without a sound
he's Scream himself, who lurks around
when the blood moon arrives he kills with delight
All theses thing happen on halloween night

you better be careful
you better watch out
because these things lurk in shadows and more.
Stay in tonight, in a chair
you can go door to door if you dare.
On halloween night, you wouldn't care
because those things will get you and you, will, have, a, SCARE!

I hope you enjoyed the poem, and heres a story containing poem. Let your imagination tell you the ending. :)
Don’t go any closer,
You know not what I am…
The moon so full,
it rises.
A beacon,
one of change,
The thirst,
The pain,
The hunger.
I deny,
I resist,
Yet if I do,
I will die.
Under the Hallow’s Eve moon.

I fight as it begins,
The pain, I shiver,
As claws grow from my fingers,
Under the unholy light.
It will overcome soon,
My thirst will be quenched,
My hunger no more,
Please, my love,
Stay, I forbid you not,
By my hand, you shall die,
Back away,
I am coming out,
Under the hallow’s eve moon.

Forgive me love,
This must happen,
seeing your lifeless eyes,
blood on my hands,
what have I done,
Your agonized cries,
They put tears in my eyes,
I throw the gun to the ground,
Rivers of blood wash over me,
The silver, I use, to kill my love,
Now you’re free,
I feel your soul,
wrapped around me,
under the blood soaked moon.

My love,
I forgive you,
Please do not,
Freely live your life,
Don’t feel guilty,
You freed me,
I love you more than anything,
I wish you could hear me...
please, don't…
A silver bullet,
cradled gently in a hand,
Please, my love,
do not do this,
As under the full moon,
The trigger was pulled.

Looks like I need to take up more space because of the HUGE word limit! But, I have an Idea for a book I may make. So here's a paragraph that's explanatory in itself.

As a little girl, I grew up in prosperity, the humans were very kind to us. I remember when huntsmen would come and bring us, the Sun tribe, many small and wondrous items. It was fun and the boys, which is what they called their kin, were fun to play with. We became friends and had much fun. Until they learned of magic...
I never meant to bring any harm... I just wanted to show my friends what I could do...
But, as the humans say, I got stabbed in the back…

And still.... too many words... so, um... Hows life for ya? Good, good... *Gack*
Too... *Wheeze* Many *cough) worrddddssss...... Uggg stahp with the huge word limits!
Heres some words from my cat:
I will taek ovr teh Werrld Somedayyyyyy! Meowwaawawhaaaaa! YEH WONT STAHP MEH! CLEan Mah KITTEH LITTAH! Tiem For Us To reign abuv Alll!

Still... not.. enough WORDS!?!?!?!? ARRRRRGH! WHYYY!

Heres *eye Twitch* ANOTHER POEM! that I made
Mirrors. They are typical items, they just simply show your reflection. But, what if, per say, our reflections were protecting us.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, tell me but of it all.
Mirror, Mirror, show me all, move my reflection against the wall.
Mirror, Mirror, ever so small,
Show me the world, I must see it all.
Mirror, Mirror, Take me in and swap with she,
my shadow, my reflection, my only me.
Show me the world, the cursed world,
where they roam.
The forgotten ones, those unknown...
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Thanks! I just updated it, I had some things I had to fix! :)
on October 27, 2014
on October 27, 2014