M.O.S.A.T. 1: Amy and the pond

This is the very first story of an organisation named M.O.S.A.T. It's before the organisation been created. This is the story of Gina and her story of finding a friend named Amy. But strong and powerfull aliens are about to change the past making paradoxes that creates time monsters. Can Gina and Amy save the world? Read and find out!

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Chapter 1.

Into the pond

Once upon a time for a very long time ago a little girl named Gina was borned. She was raised by very good friends and togheter they created a device they called a migiwida. A migiwida was created to be able to do anything. It's like an Ipad with tons of apps but these functions are a lot cooler and better. But the first migiwida was a failure!
It was meant to control time by fast forward, rewinding, slow motion, pause and more but only the pause button was working. A pause button that was so instable that when Gina pushed it she puted the world in danger. It was very fragile cause of the time was in a freezing state. Everything she touched just got destroyed into tiny pieces!
She accidently got her friends killed cause they where all there when she tested the migiwida. Quickly she pushed the play button and everything turned back to normal except her friends where no more to see. She lost all her friends and it was her idea to make that device. She was sad and cried for days after this.
Time passed and she improved her device to make it better but she wasn't ready to make any new friends. She was afraid to lose them too, to put them in danger as well. She has been through a lot of adventures, discovering the universe and beyond that.
She have collected many enemies on the way but there have also been tons of peoples and tons of creatures around her that wanted to follow her and become friends with her but Gina just walked away without any tracks everytime she has finnished a mission. She knows her missions are dangerous and she don't want friends that got killed cause of her anymore.
Time passes and after 2015 years we reached the present day. Gina can travel through space and time and have visited 2015 many times but now 2015 is pretty much the year she would be in even if she didn't travelled through time.
When she was 75 years old she puted in a function in the migiwida that could make her either younger or older making her be 30 years old if she wishes and the next second 55 years old. This has allowing her to cheat the death and kept living for thousands of years.
So now at the present day something is about to happen that will change Ginas life forever. It all began when she went back to 2015 after being at the end of everything billions billions billions of years into the future when there where only one sun left. It was there she was and we will return to that later on another story.
Well, she went to 2015 to eat a special pizza that she fell in love with but did only last for this year as a special edition. But while she was on her way towards the restaurant her migiwida felt that something's wrong. It can detect almost everything and anything and knows more than a supercomputer.
Her migiwida led her to a girl named Amy and an alien that looked like a gorilla. Gina have met them before on their homeplanet named Sungiwon. They are called apogillas and are superstrong and superpowerful. She bareley escaped their planet and now she meets them again.
Gina picked up her migiwida and turned it into a gun. -Freeze! Or else I'll shoot you! Gina said to the apogilla. -bwahaha, it's already too late! The apogilla said and with a button he maked the water on a pond next to him raise into the sky as a waterfall that falls up instead of down.
The apogilla went in to the waterfall and it was then it happened. Amy was starting to disappear and Gina noticed that! Soon only the head where to be found. -What is going on? Amy asked while she was disappearing. -I think the apogilla have changed the past! Gina explained and took Amys head running towards the pond.
-Come on now, we have to save you! Said Gina and went into the waterfall togheter with Amy. On the other side there where ground that defies the gravity. It was bent upwards 90 degrees as a wall and Gina walked upwards. Meanwhile Amy suddenly started to reappear until she was there again fully in piece.
-What is going on? Amy asked. -Well, something that have happened me a couple of times. Someone, in this case the apogilla have killed you or someone related to you and you therefor doesn't exist anymore. Not in the future at least but now when we have followed the apogilla into the passed it's like it haven't happened yet. That's why you came back! Gina said.
-Ok, But why me? I'm just a completely normal person! Amy wondered. -Well, let's find out! What is your work? Gina asked. -I'm an archaeologist! Amy said. -And what did you do this particular day? Gina asked. -Well, I guess you mean the day I found a golem. Amy said.
-Tell me more! Gina said. -Well, It was a sunny day and I was digging in the ground when I found a golem. Then I went back into the jungle. But when I was walking a bit I was attacked by some plunders. They had guns and I thought it would be my last day. But a hero saved me, beating the plunders. Amy said.
-That's great! Are the golem safe now? Gina asked. -No, sadly not. The golem where destroyed in the fight but the hero took me to safety before leaving me. His name was Tarzan. Amy explained.
-The migiwida have recorded everything, let's see what that have to say. Gina said. The migiwida did some calculations before telling Gina and Amy what it knows. -It's not a golem, it is a teleporter that allows them to teleport back to their homeplanet. But since it got destroyed they can't return anymore and they maked a portal between your present day and the day the "golem" where found. Since you Amy found it they are after you! The migiwida said. (to be continued)
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