the men of the mountain

the men of the mountain

the men of the mountain tells the two stories each of how guilt can affect humans. The first is of two races of men who have had a violent past but are now living in a monastery with an uneasy truce. The second is of a former professional fighter named Serey who accidentally killed his friend in a deliberately exhausting completion and had fled burma and shrouded himself in the monastery teaching the monks Lethwei.

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Chapter 1.


“Since the beginning of time species have kept to themselves in their respectable lands and have remained in a state of perfect peace. However greed and curiosity can form an aggressive couple to go forth into another territory then conflict will arise forming the stories of war. When men countless times have different races with different beliefs and ways have either taken the lives or the land of another. As a result it breeds stories like the old legend of the mountain men of Bavaria. There were two races both as old as this earth. They went by the names mosin and nagant.“
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