Jake never knew of the world that laid above the sandy shores. Never had he known that not every human wanted to hunt his kind. He never wanted to meet a human. But sometimes, curiosity gets the better of some people.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One

The water shown blue in the summer sun. It was mid July and the weather was perfect for swimming. The sky was clear, save for a small wisp of a cloud, there was a slight breeze and the sun scorched down on the land. Grass was a brilliant green. Willow trees sat beside a beautiful lake. The draping branches hung over the water, a few inches from touching the surface. Birds chirped happily in the protectiong of huge oak trees in the distance. A rabbit made its way to the surface to drink from the clear water. It's tan hide shone proudly in the sun.

The lake was huge, going down several hundred feet. Secrets were held in the dark crevices of the waters. Small amounts of light shown down at the bottom, where small fish swam. The colourful fish dart away, scattering erratically. A beautiful, blue tail of an unknown creature flashed by noiselessly. It swam upwards at full speed and with a loud laugh of delight, it breached and flipped in the air. The rabbit at the surface scurried off in fright, its tan fur disappearing into the brush.

The creature swam back down. He had the torso of a human, but from the waist down, he had a gorgeous tail of a fish. Elegant fins dance at the bottom of the tail. He had dark brown hair that danced under the water. His shining blue eyes sparkled with ecstasy.

Another creature swam into view, albeit hesitantly. "Jake.. You should calm down.. You might be seen." a femine sounding voice sounded out, bubbles escaping from their mouth and gills. "Lighten up and have some fun, Charlie! I can live my whole life down here in the dark my whole life." Jake said, his tanned, handsome features shining with excitment, "Besides, haven't you ever wondered what its like up there, on the surface" he continued, a bit more calm this time. He swam in lazy circles around his friend.

His friend, Charlie, was thin, with short copper hair that shone in the light of the sun. Her tail longer than most, but is a gorgeous blue that fades into a stunning silver colour. Her green eyes were filled with hesitancy and what seemed like fear. Her tanned skin was smooth to the touch and she wore a small necklace.

"I have thought about it.. But I don't think I want to go up there." she mumbled, her voice small and shy. Her tanned hands reached up to run her fingers against the pendant on her necklace. Jake reached his arm out, gently running hid fingers against her shoulders, to which she scooted away. "I really want to go up there and learn things that humans learn, to experience other things. I want to learn their culture and try new things." Jake said loudly, stretching his arms out, "One day, Charlie, one day I'll find a way to get up there. And if you want, you can come with me. We can make new friends together. It would be fun!"
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