Shadow Park

Shadow Park

In A Dark History, the bandits stole the first thing they found in the castle. It happened to be much more powerful than pretty... (read A Dark History first)

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Chapter 1.

Sir Liam returns

Durc and the other bandits are sitting in their lair looking at the Amulet of the Night. "What is it?!" Durc yelled "I don't know," Grumble replied, "we just got the first thing we could find." Durc didn't seem to pleased. "We should have gotten more when we had the chance." "Zorkorian may still be holding them off. Let's go!" Borbor said. The bandits went through the tunnels until they came to the entrance. "Grumble," Durc commanded, "throw it again." Grumble threw the rock and the wall fell down. It was just as they went in the Sir Liam was teleported back to the Park. "Hey! Stop that!" he yelled and chased the bandits off. Unfortunately, old Liam didn't notice that they took something very valuable. One of Grimelda's old potions. The potion of Darkness. Liam just knew that the bandits got away. In the tunnels the bandits were talking. "A potion. We don't know any magic! Borbor you idiot!" Durc yelled. Borbor responded "I grabbed the first thing I could find. And I also got these." Borbor showed them an ancient artifact of what looked like a Kassegat and a few gold coins. "Well, something valuable." Durc said. "We could sell the potion to Arzak. He could use something to catch up to Grimelda." Grumble added. "I don't think Arzak is who you will sell it to." said a mysterious voice. Then, out from the shadows stepped Zorkorian.

next chapter: Activating the Amulet
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