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What is yor top score in Flappy Bird?
Mine is 191! 😄
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What stuff did you get for Christmas?
I got: - a Target Dog plush - a new tablet - a zebra case - $55 for Google Play - $100 cash - a reindeer t-shirt - the Roleplay Guide - a coconut on the beach t-shirt - a snowman t-shirt - a beanie and lots of other stuff
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If you could switch lives with one person, who would it be?
They can be real, fictional, alive, dead, or even made up. I choose... Hazel! "Can I hold a koala?"
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What are your fears?
Just post them if one of them isn't "People to know my fears" :p
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Are you going to QfeastCon Canada?
QfeastCon Canada stats host(s): @Fearless guests: @coolio97, @scorpio3 time: 10:30-7:30 location: Vancouver, BC anybody else coming?
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How long does it take you to get this?
If I had 3 wishes it would be: magic powers, a new smartphone, a million twitter followers, a frog named Emily, and the ability to count.
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Which two Qfeasters are most like each other?
Which two Qfeasters are most similar?
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Would you go to a Qfeast Halloween party?
If enough people answer yes I'll make a Halloween Party. (My idea, don't copy.)
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who wants to be in my stor y Wish?
I'm accepting OCs for my new story, Wish! Most will play minor roles though. just fill out this form name: age: gender: personality: looks: magic: (yes/no) element: other:
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What's your beach style?
I let my hair down and wear a blue two piece and flip-flops and sunglasses B)
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riddle with a twist
Taylor rides into Cloud City on Quadday. She leaves two days later on Quadday. How is that possible? hint: the answer is NOT her pegasus's name is Quadday
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Should I ask my crush out?
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Who is your favorite superhero?
I totally choose Cosmic Cody! Even though he's my own superhero...
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What is your favorite clothes store?
I like Aeropostale, but what is your fave?
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What is your favorite outdoor game?
Mine is probably capture the flag.
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Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?
I just HAD to make this!
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what my cutie mark is telling me: oc requests
I'm making a qfeast version of what my cutie mark is telling me. tell me your oc and who you want to be switched with (needs: two unicorns, two earth ponies, one pegasus)
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What should I name my followers?
I now have 130 followers, and everybody haz a name for their followers.. but I don't have any idea!
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Fantage secret passage tour
I'm guiding a secret passage tour on Fantage! server: coyote location: forest user: fearless_sky I'M RECORDING!
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