Ready, Set, Swim

A story following a young girl as her life is turned upside dow nthrough the twists and turns of the dangerous transitions of life.

published on September 08, 201416 reads 6 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
Introduction 1

Introduction 1

Name: Kathryn Westmore
Birthday: 11-03-99\ 09-16-13
Age: 15
Bio: Long dark hair, light skin, green eyes
Information: After a year of being "reborn" Kathryn is surprised after having being taken to the beach she still hasn't got powers. She worries that everyday she goes without telling someone the more dangerous things will get. Her mother tries to get close to her but the secrets they both keep only push them farther apart. Will her secret stay safe from everyone's suspicion? Or will everything fall apart? Meeting Marcus changed her life forever, not only because she fell in love with him instantly and because he helped turn her into a mermaid. He was the first person to know her secret and the first person to swim with her once she was a mermaid being the one person she trusts she knows he will be really kind to her.
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Comments (2)

So sorry I haven't added more yet I am writing stories on this website and I sort of fell behind.
on October 10, 2014
Good so far, you should write more
on September 11, 2014