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Chapter 1.

the suicide games

The kids of today’s society have adopted a new type of dangerous game to prove their “rite of passage” into maturity. They call it The Suicide Game. What describes this game is the biggest test of bravery since The Choking Game. Kids and teenagers roughly between the ages of twelve and eighteen have adopted what is being called the most dangerous game of their generation. It’s being played in remote locations in the woods or in their own backyards to try their best to avoid attention.
The kids have been getting their guns from select people in certain parts of their local cities the same way kids get their pot. Strangers around town are willing to sell kids their .357's for outrageously low prices because apparently they have embraced the game’s popularity.

The game is played much differently from Russian Roulette. Instead of taking a chance by shooting themselves with one bullet loaded in the chamber, they have six bullets loaded. The kids play this game in order to test their reflexes: if they can shoot past their head with a quick pull away, then they are worthy. This is usually played in a social gathering where the kids stand in a circle, passing the gun clockwise. More specifically, they are aiming the revolver directly at their heads, then they gently and carefully press down on the trigger, and right before they actually shoot the gun, they point the gun away from their head as quickly as possible, firing off in the distance. If they are successful, they are seen with absolute bravery. If they fail, then you probably know their fate.

The Suicide Game has two mode of plays: duration and quick draw. Duration involves how long they can keep pressing on the trigger with the gun pointing to their head. It’s actually harder than it sounds because any more pressure applied to the trigger, even the tiniest bit could end the kid’s life. The kids would train in order to feel how hard they pull the trigger before actually firing. Then they would invite their friends or members of a “club” to prove their worth. Some kids have been carefully pressing the trigger for as long as sixty minutes. In fact, sixty minutes would be the appropriate amount of time to play the duration mode of The Suicide Game to prove their worth. Hundreds of others have failed in as little as sixty seconds.

The other mode, Quick Draw, is more of a test of agility and quickness. This is the more quintessential part of the game, the part that defines The Suicide Game. In Quick Draw, the kids have the option to fire all six rounds, pointing to their head then firing away form the head as quickly as possible, just like the knife game. Everyone’s ears would certainly be bleeding, but at least the kids would prove their worth in order to join a club as hardcore as “The Junior Crips”.

A recent report has confirmed 116 middle and high schoolers have played The Suicide Game and failed horribly. Even worse, the other witness of the game would not see it as a big deal. They just brush it off and say, “Oh well, he/she failed. They were not that worthy.” It seems as if the kids have no thoughts on life anymore and just brush it off as an object worth only a dollar.

The Suicide Game needs to be put a stop to. If you suspect your children or others are participating in the game, put a stop to it right now. Talk to your kids on a personal level and tell them what they are playing is simply wrong. If they don’t listen, then call for professional help. Many kids were lost participating in The Choking Game and this country can’t afford to lose anymore in The Suicide Game. More so, the kids definitely have a chance of injuring their scalp by firing and not pulling away far enough.

If you suspect your child is playing The Suicide Game, then reach out to them and say tell them that their life is worth every second. They need to live the time they have on Earth.
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