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Horror reboot
This story is similar to 50 shades of gray and does involve sexual content read at your own risk no haters in the comments
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The 6 jokers cards and there meaning
The 6 jokers cards or the gods of the dark carnival or Shangri-La I'm here to tell you what they mean
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The tears of guilt
This is a creepypasta by the same name hope you guy like it :) um its a little sad
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This is a long story but read it its a really go story hope you like it
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7 gates of hell
Hope you like the story um like and tell me if I should make more OK thanks
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a book of ritual
This is all about ritual I hope that you like this book please like and every chapter is a new ritual there will be a part 2 to this
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The seven deadly sins
This is a creepypasta I hope you like it please read this there is 2 chapters
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To write love on her arms
This is a non profit organization please help and like spred the word look up the site to write love on her arms
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Something's is wrong
I didn't make this its from creepypasta wiki so you know its fun hope you like it
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State of the union
Hope you like it I didn't make it I got it off the creepypasta Wikipedia
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The bunny man bridge
I didn't make this its is a creepypasta I got it off of the creeppasta wiki
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The top of the stairs
I didn't make make this ok I copyed it it is a creepypasta that I got of the creepypasta wiki
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