Embrace [Bill x Tiana]

Embrace [Bill x Tiana]

Bill Cipher has Tiana Matthews trapped in the Nightmare Realm after ending the world, and she reflects on some things. Warning! Some darkish topics ahead! Kidnapping, implied death, oh and YANDERENESS! But also some fluff.

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        He’d gotten rid of them, those twins. The rest of the Pines family and Gravity Falls, too. That’s what he’d told Tiana, anyway, when she had awoken in this strange room that was lit with red, in this comfortable four-poster bed. She spent most of her time here, on the loft above the small library, staring out the window at swirling orange nothingness that was the nightmare realm, reminiscing about Dipper and Mabel and Kiya… It was a lovely place he’d brought her to, really, with the fancy food and the books, but it might never feel like anything but a prison.
        He’d destroyed nearly everything she cared about and locked her up here, putting her through hours of tears and screams. So why was it, that she let him hold her like this after everything, cradling her like a doll? The answer was simple.
        She still loved Bill Cipher.
        Maybe it was the circumstances they met. She had been working overtime at a cafe when the blond bumped into her while she was cleaning. He was also working there, and his personality had caught her attention. They had talked through the night, and eventually he convinced her to come to his hometown with him. Gravity Falls. The place where she got the necklace that earned her the nickname, “Owlet,” the one he called her.
        Then she had met the Pines twins, who revealed his true nature. She was scared for a while, but seeing the efforts he’d put into keeping her as his, she gave him a second chance. And she was able to continue being friends with the Pines, and their friend Kiya Eagleswing, a sweet girl who was a princess of a species of human-bird hybrids living in the forest.
        Bill, one day, almost killed Kiya and one of her sisters on accident while trying to take a magic book from a girl named Izzie, who ended up in the town with two of her friends. From the portal, they found the younger sister of one of said friends, whom Bill had befriended in the ten years she was separated from reality. But of course, Weirdmaggedon happened, and Tiana sent the four of them back to where they were from to keep them safe, and she blacked out shortly afterward.
        In his human form, he was very attractive, although Tiana sometimes wished she could see both his eyes. He was even taller than her, and though thin, fairly string. There were times when he wasn’t around at all, and she had free reign of the area. Then there were the times he would just hold her like this.
        Each time this happened she would remain limp, afraid he might hurt her or even kill her. But she started to wonder...why did she even bother? He was always there, her shoulder to cry on, her anchor if you will. When she was sick or just too lazy to get up he would bring her favorite foods to her and feed her.
        She consciously started to relax into his embrace, knowing that there was no point in resisting. No punishment, but nothing to gain.
        She felt him kiss the top of her head, and smiled slightly in spite of herself. This was her new life, the one that would last for eternity, so why struggle? He’d let her, of course, but it wouldn’t do any good. It was nice, this comfort. She found peace in his embrace.

        And she still loved him, after all.
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