Save or Assassinate the Fox

The story is about how seven people from different worlds are gathered together and their mission was to either assassinate or save a fox. They didn't know why they had to save or assassinate a fox but what they really didn't know was, the fox wasn't actually a animal.

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Chapter 2.

Cielo World

"I have to go where now?" Asked a teenage boy with spiky brown hair and slightly narrowed orange and purple eyes (orange on right and purple on left). He was looking towards his parents and his younger brother (who looks exactly like him but he has orange eyes)

His mother (who's actually a man) has spiky blonde hair and orange eyes, he was looking at his son with a sad smile. His name is Giotto

His father has blonde hair which was much more lighter than the mother and has purple eyes, he was looking at his son with a frown but his eyes showed he was sad. His name is Alaude

His younger brother looks exactly like him but with orange eyes. His face clearly showed that he was really sad about what was going to happen and was worried for his brother. His name is Tsunayoshi but he's usually called Tsuna or Tsu-chan (by his mother).

Giotto sighed and said "You'll be going to the Nuvola world to meet the rulers of that world... T-They requested that you are to go there and see them as well as accept the mission they wish to give you... I can tell you this, Jackson... They want you to do something that only you and a few other people can do."

The teenage boy named Jackson frowned.

"Why me?" He asked.

Alaude was the one to speak this time.

"It's because your flames are pure and that the mission requires people with pure flames." Said Alaude.

"Tsuna has pure flames like me as well as you two! Why does it have to be me?" He asked.

"B-Brother... I went over to the Nuvola world to visit Kyoya today and I asked his parents if I could go instead of you. T-They said that the place where the mission will be is somewhere that's really dangerous and Queen Nuvola said that the place only accepts your flames as well as the other people that has been picked." He said as he looked at his older brother with worry etched on his face.

Jackson sighed. "Fine...." He said as he went out of the throne room to go somewhere.

Giotto sighed and motioned that Tsuna was dismissed.

Tsuna nodded and ran off to go find his brother.
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