Save or Assassinate the Fox

The story is about how seven people from different worlds are gathered together and their mission was to either assassinate or save a fox. They didn't know why they had to save or assassinate a fox but what they really didn't know was, the fox wasn't actually a animal.

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Chapter 1.

The worlds (Prologue)

Within the universe lies seven different worlds within one universe.

The seven worlds each have their own elements.

The first world was Cielo. The Sky world.

This world has only few people in the world. Why? It's because these people are rare as their element is the most rarest of all seven and they are said to be able to control the other six elements if they gathered them.

The second world was Nuvola. The Cloud world.

This world also has only few people within due to their dislike to crowd and get any help from the other worlds. Their numbers are starting to get lessen each year but they are also named the strongest out of seven due to their power.

The third world was Sole. The Sun world.

This world has quite a lot of people but kind of rare due to their element to be able to heal. Most of the people in that world are energetic, really energetic. They are nice to be around unless you're really unlucky and found some of the more louder ones and the more gay ones.... Thank god there's only one gay one there (just because of the guy since he's acting girly and he also likes to be really weird).

The fourth world was Fulmine. The Lightning world.

This world has a lot of people, they aren't very rare but they they have the most advanced technology due to their element to harden things and that most of the people there are geniuses with technology. Most are crybabies since they are cowards who don't like to fight, they're also very childish (at least the children are).

The fifth world was Pioggia. The Rain world.

This world has many people and they're also really calm due to their element to be able to calm the other elements down (including the Nuvola), the people of this world are usually people who are very friendly with one another but if their friend gets hurt. They can be really scary to the point they'll kill.

The sixth world was Tempesta. The Storm world.

This world has a lot of people and isn't rare. The people usually get angered quite easily if you anger them. They're also very protective of anyone they respect a lot. They're very loyal to the Cielo people due to their respect to them. Some of the Storms can act like a Rain sometimes but that's because they could control their emotions.

The seventh world was Nebbia. The Mist world.

This world has the same amount of people as Nuvola. They're also rivals to the Nuvola people due to their clashing personalities. Most of the people in this world can create illusions with their powers. The Nebbia people really love to mess with the Nuvola people by teasing them, engaging in battle with them... They're not very hostile and they're quite loyal to the Cielo people... The other worlds (except for Cielo and Nuvola) are wary of the Nebbia people due to their personality and their power to be able to create illusions. That's because the people really love mess with the other worlds (except for the Cielo people with their power to be able to tell if something is an illusion or not).
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