ticci toby love story (1)

ticci toby love story (1)

hello! so Ill be doing a ticci toby love story today so lets get on with the story

published on June 28, 2014116 reads 62 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.


Mika's pov
I walked around the alley seeing no one was there. and I heard rustling from the bushes. I began to panic. "who's there?" I asked 'meh maybe it's just my imagination' then I heard "tic tic tic" I began to walk faster then someone threw a hatchet. I screamed and somebody covered my mouth. "hello there" the figure said, I was shivering in fear then he said "what's ur name?" "M-mika" "o-oh I-I'm ticci t-toby" 'WHAT THE HELL!! first of all he was like IMA KILL YOU!!
!! and now he's......shy' hmmm? "hmmm? weird" then he spilled the basket of eggs I have (yes it's easter) "I'm s-sorry!!! I-I didn't mean it!! Ill get y-you another o-one!!""aww toby" I faked frowned but inside i was laughing so hard at his reaction
"is it ok?" "yes and u didn't mean it anyway" "thanks" "no big deal!" I said he chuckled "wanna come to my house?" "ok" then toby pulled you in his house

mika:so this is chapter one hope you guys enjoyed it ;}
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Comments (3)

Please nothing dirty! Tobys too f*cking innocent for anything like that!
on September 24, 2017
thank you
on July 19, 2014
great start! :)
on June 28, 2014