since my last ones were fails i will try to do another one <3 it should be a bit better, i hope XD

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Chapter 8.
chapter 8

chapter 8

Kyra ran through the busy streets of town into the forest. She looked up at the darkening sky and sighed. She climbed up a thick tree to a long branch, she sat down listening to the crickets chirp. The smiling red and black cat  sat above the branch above her. Kyra wiped a tear away from her eye and leaned against the tree and fell asleep just as the moon appeared in the sky.

She woke to find a few freshly picked strawberries next to her. She yawned and picked them up cautiously. She shrugged and eat them quickly jumping down from the tree. The cat sat not to far away, kyra saw it jump through some bushes and followed. "where are you leading me?" she said out loud. She emerged to see her house about a half mile down the road. She took a deep breath and thanked the cat before running to her house.

A scream cut through the quiet neighborhood and Kyra stopped in her tracks. She gripped the handle of her knife and slowly opened the door to see her father standing over the body of her mom. Kyra almost screamed herself, blood ran down the wooden floors staining it red. Her bite throbbed again and she put her hand to her neck.

Her father turned seeing Kyra. She growled seeing blood all over his arms and hands. Kyra smiled "well done, Father, but now i must kill you, quite a shame isnt it" she laughed slowly walking to him, her knife raised and her teeth sharpening themselves again as well as her fingernails and eyes. her father stepped back going crossed eyed from the blade leveled at his nose.

Kyra smiled at her father and quickly stabbed his chest twisting her knife around slowly. He screamed in pain and fell to his knees, kyra pulled her knife out and watched him slowly bleeding to death. She stomped on his skull crushing it under her foot. She looked up to see the cat standing at the door, another figure stood beside it. another one peeked out from behind the other one. "who are you!?" kyra demanded. the cat walked up to her and smiled "come with us" she blinked confused, had the cat talked to her?
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wow, scary story, great job! can't wait for more!
awww thanks!
on June 10, 2014
on June 09, 2014