The Dragon Child

The Dragon Child

One day, when Kiyomi Ryūnoko recovers her memories that had been lost for years, how will she react? What if she meets a long-lost friend who thought he lost everything? What will happen as the story goes on... (This is a Natsu X OC Fanfiction) Rated T

published on August 29, 201519 reads 11 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


          My first memory was of a dream. It was a soul-sucking pitch black all around me.Then a bright light came into the cold darkness. It was my essence. It was flickering so many colors, too fast to see. I reached my longing fingertips out to it, seeking it's warmth. As soon as my smooth skin came in contact with it, it sank into my small body. I roared. I knew it then. I was a dragon.
Kiyomi's  P.O.V.(7 years old)
          I looked into the large mirror once again. My human form was supposedly very beautiful to males. I just enjoyed my silky, long silver locks and how they framed my delicate pale face and my playful blue eyes. I especially loved how they changed color with my mood. I turned and looked over my lovely dress once more in the mirror.

        "Admiring yourself, are you?"

         I turned toward the familiar voice behind me. I glomped the person it had come from.

        "You came! I thought you wouldn't be able to with the studies and what happened last year..." We both recalled the depressing memory of when he had cannonballed himself into the cake and yelled something about a sugar high. I sighed and changed the subject."How did you even get your dad to agree?" He laughed and put on his best mock stern voice, mimicking his father, saying,"Now, son of mine, there are a couple conditions to going to the party. One, you must be respectful towards everyone. Two, don't try to fight anyone. Three, for God's sake, it's is the most important one, NO SUGAR HIGHS!!!"

        I put on a high falsetto and exclaimed,"Yes, the future Queen of the Dragons demands it!" I laughed and rolled on my fluffy bed. I looked at my best friend when I heard no laughs from him. He had a curious expression on his face. I sat up and looked worried at him."Are you okay?"He quickly looked away and shook his head, saying,"No, I'm fine."Therefore, I failed to noticed his cheeks were the same color as his telltale cherry blossom colored hair.
How do you like the story so far? If you like it, it shall go on!!! This is just the prolouge to see if you like it. Also, I will be a picky author and won't update until I get at least one more comment every chapter! MWAHAHAHA!!! BTW, if anyone is wondering, this is the mood color list for her eyes:
Red: Angry
Orange: Wild
Yellow: Happy
Green: Jealous
Blue: Normal/Calm
Violet: Mischevious
Pink: Love
Gold: Magic
Silver: Confusion
Black: Betrayal/Hurt
Brown: Uncomfort
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