Sally is a book about a girl Sally and her siblings. After something happened between her mom and her dad. Otherwise Sally (5 year old) Kyra (16 year old)

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Chapter 2.

The Moment

     I ran down to breakfast I was starving! The Aunt Ruth said it was the first day of school  and I hate school! I was so mad and told her she shouldn't have to go to school my mom and dad are gone! And it's my birthday. Highschool isn't important anyways, but as always I had to go.

     At last I was there. There were no open seats so I sat with a man in the back. He was a tall skinny man about my age. Blue eyes, black hair. He immediately greeted me and we talked like we had known each other since grade school. He started talking about his cat Fluffington. I talked about my old dog gravestone.

     Once we were at school we went to class, turns out we had seats together in everything but Spanish! He looked at me in Math. I looked at him, then he stopped staring and looked at his text book. His name was Dennis and this my sound weird but he loves tennis. We met in the hall after lunch.

     He looked at me I smiled at him. We left afew days later he invited me over to study. He came closer "What's 9?" He asked. I turned around to give him the answer, I blushed as I noticed his lips were on mine, I just went with it. The next morning was award he had yold me I could stay for dinner tomarrow it was Friday so I said yes. I fell asleep after we got done he hugged me as we drifted away, I dreamt of him.
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