M.O.S.A.T. 4: The great giants of Giza

This is the story of giants living in the far past. It was in Egypt when the pyramids just where about to arrive. Also the sfinxs are going to exist quite soon. Amy, Clara and Gina take the children with them on an adventure that will become dangerous as the giants have the ability to shoot deathly sunbeams at everything. P.S. This is the story where M.O.S.A.T. will be named Masters Of Space And Time by the heroes!

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Chapter 1.

Welcome to Egypt

This is the story where Amys children Sam and Melissa followed on Amys, Ginas and Claras adventure. Sam where 12 years old and Melissa where 14 years old. Sam and Melissa loved adventures. Amy knew that and wanted them to follow on the next adventure. Gina said: - No! It's too dangerous! While Clara said: - Sure! The more we are the stronger we are! After a long conversation Clara won and the children got their own migiwida.
- So, Melissa, Sam. Where do you want to go? Amy wondered. - Back in time! Melissa said and pushed the rewind button. - No wait for us! Clara and Gina said and followed Melissa back in time. Soon Sam and Amy also came along. They went far back in time. To the old Egypt. Very old Egypt!
Eventually they arrived finding out that they where in the sahara desert. Gina checked how far they have travelled and saw they went 4645 years back in wich is 2630 BC. - What was you thinking? You can't just go back in time just like that! I haven't even told how the migiwida works! It doesn't only travel through time, it also travels through space and you can control when and where you will go if you had wait for the instructions. Gina said.
- She means that you could end up exactly anywhere and as I can see here I only see a huge desert. Clara said. - See what we mean! Thanks for taking us to a huge desert. Gina said. - I'm sorry, I didn't know! Melissa said. - It's ok, at least we are fine all of us. Gina said.
It was very hot and there haven't been any rain for years. They walked and walked and there where sand everywhere. - Well, this was exciting. The only thing that is dangerous on this mission is the very hot heat. Clara said. But she shouldn't say so. Cause the moment after she said so, huge sandworms suddenly went up from the sands.
They have sharp teeths and where very fast. They aimed for Sam first but Sam managed to avoid them. - Let's activate the laser sabers! Gina said. - Do we have laser sabers? Melissa wondered. - Of course we have. We have principly everything in the migiwida. Gina explained. - That's awesome! Melissa said.
They activated the light sabers and fighted the sandworms. One bite from the sandworms could make you lose your legs. It was nearly happened that Clara loses her legs but she jumped very high up in the sky doing a somersault and cut the sandworm into two halfs. Eventually they defeated all the sandworms.
- I shouldn't say the heat was the only danger. Clara said. The heat was hot and there where only sand when our heroes began to be thirsty. - I'm thirsty! Amy said. - And I'm hungry! Clara said. - That's good! Gina said happily. - Good? What are you talking about? Here we are, walking and walking in the very hot desert and you say that's good! Melissa said. - I'm still thirsty! And I start to get hungry too. Amy said. - Same here! Sam said.
- Well, do you know what's time for now? Time to show you one of the apps in the migiwida! This app is called IfeedU! It can create anything that you can either drink or eat! Try it out! Gina said. - Ok, let's see. How about a very cold ice cream and a glass of water and ice cubes. Melissa said. - That sounds good! Now try typing it in! Gina said and Melissa typed in what she wanted and there it came, one ice cream and one glass of water.
Clara was hungry so she typed in one coca cola and one big pizza. Gina typed in one beer and one happy meal. - What's that for a weird combination? Melissa asked while the ice cream melted. - Well, I love happy meal and I also love beer so that's what I took, but I think you have to eat your ice cream before it melts, we're in the desert you know. Gina said.
- I don't think it's weird drinking beer to happy meal, beer suits to everything! Clara said. - Thanks! Gina said. - I'll take a happy meal! But I want fanta instead! Sam said and typed that in. Lastly Amy took one hamburger and a smoothie. It was so yummy and delicious.
When they finnished their meals Amy wondered where they are supposed to trash the trash. - Well, there are an app for that too. It called Itrash and creates a black hole. It's not very big and it will suck up everything that will get through. Don't worry, it's too small to suck us in but it's big enough to suck up almost anything that is a bit smaller.
The hole aren't strong enough to hurt us but it will crunch anything that is in there when we're closing it. Gina explained. Gina created the black hole and then they throwed all the trash in the black hole. When all the trash where inside Gina closed the black hole and the trash crunshed into singularity.
Sahara desert where not so exciting place. There have never been any pyramids or sphinxes in any of our heroes timestream. At least not yet. Without knowing it yet our heroes are going to make sahara desert a lot more exciting and a lot more a reason to travel to for all the tourists visiting sahara desert.
They walked a bit more until something grabbed on to them. It was quicksand pulling them in. - Do you know what I am thinking about? Sam asked. - No, What are you thinking about? Melissa asked. - I'm thinking that we're sinking! Sam said. - Yes, I know we're sinking and we know that's what you thinking. Amy said.
- So how are we going to get out of the quicksand? Melissa asked? - Don't fighting around as that would make you "Sink Faster" we've better "Think Faster" of a solution of how to get out! Clara said. The situation got worser when a sandworm where comming towards our heroes! How would our heroes survive this? Let's find out in the next chapter!
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