Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Life is a cruel thing that takes and takes until there is nothing left. When everything appears to be falling in order, the reality of it crashes in the ground. Lucinda, a high school senior, only dreams of the perfect normal high school experience. Friends, good grades, and hardly any drama is the ideal plan, but life does not work that way. There is another world that is clashing with Lucinda’s life that will change everything she believes is normal. Now, she has to make a choice with to save her world or the unknown world. However, life always has a way of making a person crash and break or strong and fierce.

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My Normal Life

My Normal Life

        Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. Time slowly inched by minute after minute, second after second for the bell to ring. Every minute, every second that passed by, a piece of me traveled along with the time. Gleaming at the clock was the only pathway out of the horror that is known as a classroom. Pre-calculus to me will always be a monster covered in numbers hovering over me waiting for me to fail. I never understood why I let the counselor talk me into taking this class. I did not need the class, but I guess it was just a method to fill my schedule up. None of us seniors understood why we had to stay for three periods all year round; however, they claim it to be a new school requirement. Nevertheless, I should have picked another course instead of this boring class.  
        On top of the monotone male teacher completely overly dressed in a black suit and tie especially for a high school teacher, the classroom literally drained the life out of every student that sat in the wooden desks of torture. Mr. Bolden, the male teacher, could clearly decorate the walls with artistic Pinterest ideas instead of the cheesy math quotes blaster on a white wall with the only one decorative item, a marker board.
        Throwing my flowing bright red hair over my pale face, I hid my face for the remaining of the period. Mr. Bolden dragged on and on about polynomial functions; however, with this lecture being on a Friday, he should have known better to try to teach a new topic to high school students debating on how they will spend their weekend. Honestly, if I could cover my head with my black hoodie and lay my head on the desk for the next five minutes, life would be perfect. Listening to his deep voice dragging on and on caused my bright green eyes to be covered by my eyelids. Then, the most beautiful noise rang from the ceiling. The school bell rang as if angels were singing a song of success. Grabbing my overly large pre-calculus book and notebook into my thin stringy arms, I followed the rushing crowd exploding out of the classroom and into the sea of chaos. My locker was at the other side of the hall from where Mr. Bolden’s class is, so I get to walk through the animals of Timber Creek High.
         For an average size high school, Timber Creek High was like any other high school. Every group was labeled and organized, and of course everyone belonged to one or the other. The jocks ruled basically everything. They skipped class with no punishment, passed without deserving it just to play their idiotic sports, and bullied or tortured anybody who was different or weaker than them. Now, where there are jocks for the boys, there are the preppy cheerleaders for the girls, the clowns as I like to call them. At first glance, anyone can imagine these plastic dolls waking up two or three hours before school just to do their overly hair spray and cake layer of foundation.
        Those two groups are just the ones that run the school. There are always the goths, nerds, party goers, artists, bullies that did not play sports, preps and all the other fun clichés anyone could imagine high school life being like, but the biggest question is where do I fall in? I am the best of them all. The outcast with only one true friend. Nothing about me is really special. I make good grades enough to get me in decent classes, sometimes I go to parties mainly because I get dragged into it, and I do not have much problems with anyone here.
        Lost in my thoughts of the areas of high school, I almost walked past my locker when I felt long fingers rubbing my head and a deep voice mockingly mention, “Hey, scatterbrain. I know that big book and you need a room together, but he has a curfew before his parents come hunting for him.”
        Turning around, I darted my eyes at the messy black-haired boy leaning against my locker. Wearing his favorite dark blue v neck shirt pressing against his average sized muscular frame, he smiled at me while rolling his baby blue eyes. Pouting my face, I opened the locker door saying, “You are so gross. I do not know why I still hang out with you.”
Spade and I have been friends since middle school. He has got me out of several messy sticky situations and never lets me spend a weekend alone in my room even though that’s all I want to do is be on YouTube in my room. Despite my introvert behavior, for some odd and unknown reason, Spade has been by my side the moment we met even though he is nothing like me. He has friends all over the school, makes way better grades than I do, gets invited to all the parties and events, and basically is one of the most well-known guys in school. Crazy, right? However, despite it all, about ninety percent of the time he is with me.
        “Cause, you love my company unconditionally, and if I was not around, your life would be a valley of despair.” Spade answered with a smirk as I shut the locker.
        Rolling my eyes at him, we began walking towards the exit to Spade’s car as I responded, “Ok, drama queen if that is what you want to believe.”
        “I do not believe it. I know it. Point blank. You would be a hermit without me.” He answered smugly wrapping his broad arms around my shoulders as we approached the mild cool air. Spring has always been one of my most favorite times of the year. The tree blossoming to begin a new start. The birds chirping after a long winter.
        The wind brushed my red long hair along with its cool breeze as I glared at him explaining, “A hermit would not be so bad. Being in my room all day sounds like a win to me, and if anyone said anything different about or tried to get me to change, I could always scream hermits are people, too!”
        Laughing at my crazy announce of how I would enjoy proudly being a hermit, Spade removed his arm from my shoulders and rubbed my hair as we traveled between the endless rows of cars until he finally said, “Did you not tell me the exact same thing about the turtle I almost hit that you just had to save?”
        “Shelly almost died cause of your idiotic driving. Turtle lives matter!” I explained very proudly into the sky as we made it to Spade’s black 2014 ford mustang, the absolute worst car to carry anyone but two people in it in my opinion. I feel like I am going to die of claustrophobia due to how small it is, but Spade loves his car. I try to be nice and fight through it only for him.
        Opening the door, I saw him shaking his black hair from side to side chuckling at me saying, “Get your turtle loving butt in the car before I leave you.”
        “Yes sir, Commander Spade, but for your information, if you left me, Shelly would come get me in her turtle car.” I smugly explained climbing into the small car and shutting the door. Spade and I always have a connection like no one else. I can act like a complete idiot, and he will either go along with it or mock me. Our friendship is perfect.
        As Spade started his car and began to drive away from the prison of Timber Creek, I glanced at his face for a second. Spade normally would have fired some snappy come back to my crazy idea of a turtle driving a car, but instead he was quiet. His blue eyes darted at the road, and his face grim. Did something happen today that he is not telling me? Maybe I am just overthinking it but looking at him right now I felt an empty hole in my chest and an ache of pain like something was eating away at me or a pile of knives pierced through my chest.
        A gut instinct was telling me something was wrong. We had been traveling for a few miles and still nothing had been said. An awkward moment of silence engulfed in the car. Sometimes this happens once in a blue moon that Spade and I are quiet, but this time something was strange. His gaze seemed focused on something more than just the road like Spade was here, but his mind was not. He was distracted by something.
         “Lucy, look I know tonight was supposed to be a pizza and movie night, but how about we go to this party? I heard it is not supposed to be crazy, and there will be pizza.” Even though he was talking like normal, I felt something different with the words he was saying. I was actually excited for tonight since Spade was the one that planned the stay at home hang out night, but why the sudden change?
        “Ok.” That was the only word that I was able to muster out of my mouth, but the part of me that knew this chest pain was not normal screamed no. I had a gut feeling this party was a bad idea, but I just stared outside as the passing trees turned into green blurs. I can do it. I can go to the party and get out. It is just a simple high school party. What is the worst that could happen?
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