True Love (1)

This is about true love and how a person fell in love with a girl and awaits for her to notice him and be the one who he can spin around and love. Even though this is me it still is emotional.

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Chapter 2.

True Love 2

Spencer fell so in love with thiss girl that he lost his mind. He totally fell in love with her and just needed to be with her. If he couldn't have her nobody could he figured. Time past bye and more and more he wanted her and wanted her. One day he was just sitting in his room thinking and thinking and he said......... Why doesn't she want me. Why Why Why. He looked at his self and thought is it because my height. my cloths the way I eat..... the attitude I show her. Then he sat and began to cry. His mother sat with him and asked him whats wrong. He said why doesn't ppl like me. She said ppl do like you. He said if SHE DID she wouldn't have said no. Apparently he expressed his self and right then his mother found out this was more than just about ppl... this was about him falling in love. Well Spencer thought she met the true one for her... A boy named curion. Altho he was spreading rumors saying he went out with her. So he tried to fight him. But he thought that it was true love and let it be. Come to find out he had got so depressed he put a knife on his neck and and said let it be. For true love only. He said I need to die for her to be happy with him according to Spencer and Curions last convo. He needed to die for her happiness. He put a knife to his neck. Unfortunately he didn't get away with it. His mother stopped him and they both cried. Spencer loves Bre like never............

updated version of chapter 2
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Comments (2)

whats up elijah
on May 14, 2014
This is a really good story
on May 13, 2014