True Love (1)

This is about true love and how a person fell in love with a girl and awaits for her to notice him and be the one who he can spin around and love. Even though this is me it still is emotional.

published on May 13, 201410 reads 8 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

In love

Spencer(spencerfoster226) was walking down the street when he saw this gorgeous girl. Her name was Brianna (brebop). He instantly fell in love and tbh was being a stocker because he knew where she lived and followed her to classes at Fuller. He was instantly in love. He knew that there was only only one way to win her over. Buck up and ask her out. He failed. He asked her out but she denied him. He was so determined that he went and asked her out again after a few months and he got denied again. Now he just did not know what to do. He was sad. Sometimes he stayed at home thinking and thinking. tbh he only showed up at school because he knew he had a class with her. Off into a later time they became very good friends and he still wasn't satisfied. He wanted her but not trying to be thirst and stuff. He liked her personality and everything about her. The author who is typing this is sitting by the girl now. But he loves her forever and he just dreamed even daydreamed. Some of his bad grades came from him focusiong on her and he really couldn't focus on his school work. Then came along something painful. THE BENCHMARK EXAM. He realized that he would have to take his mind off of her for just a few days and focus on that test. He thoughtit was going to be easy considering that the Benchmark Classes were split up but come to find out she had the same class as him. Every minute of the Benchmark Exam he focused on her. At this moment he's not even sure if he even did a good job on the Benchmark. He's so focused. Even tho its the end of the yr. He is still determined to pull her in.

If you like the story ill add on or something just let me know.
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Comments (2)

whats up elijah
on May 14, 2014
This is a really good story
on May 13, 2014