The lonely girl

The lonely girl

This is a story of a girl with a unusual ability ! But no one believes her,not even her mom. What will she do ?

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Chapter 1.

I have a power ?

There was a girl named Annabelle but she likes being called Anna. Anna was 5 years old and went to school at Zion elementary. She had 2 friends named Akira (that's a Japanese name) and Ciara (I think that's a British name) they were both 5 years old as well. Anna had short brown hair which was most of the time in pigtails, Akira had long black hair with a big red bow on the side of her head, and Ciara has red hair which is 3 inches past shoulder length and her bangs are held back by 2 flower hair clips. Anna has hazel eyes,Ciara has blue eyes and Akira has green eyes. They wear there Zion uniforms but outside of school Anna will wear her rainbow shirt that says 'you only live once so make today fun' and weres blue shorts, Akira wears a green shirt with a matching green skirt, Ciara wears her blue dress.

Let's start the story now :)

It was a typical day and Anna and her friends were sitting under a tree " *sigh* it's getting late, maybe we should go home ?" Akira suggested, Ciara and Anna looked at each other "no not yet !" Anna said standing up "let's go on a adventure"  "a adventure ?" Ciara asked tilting her head "yeah ! Come on" Anna then grabbed the two girls hands and took them to her house "hey mom" Anna greeted her mother "hello dear"  "I'm having Akira and Ciara over for a bit !" Anna said as she smiled at her mom "ok honey well have fun you 3" her mom then ruffled Anna's hair "mooom I told you not to do that anymore" Anna whined "oh yeah I forgot"  the the girls then went upstairs to Anna's room. Anna went into her closet and brought out her toy chest. "What's in your toy chest ?" Ciara asked "costumes !" Anna said as she opened her toy chest revealing tons of costumes "oooh.." Akira and Ciara said "let's try them on !" The 3 girls tried on all the costumes until they all found what they wanted on. Akira has a princess dress, Anna has a pirate costume and Ciara had a purple rabbit costume on. "I LOVE this princess dress !" Akira said excitedly as she looked at herself in Anna's bathroom mirror "yeah it looks nice on you" Ciara commented "that rabbit costume looks great on you"  "really ?"  "Yeah !" Anna then walked in "ok so" she said as she unrolled a map she made "I made this map and were gonna follow it" Anna announced "is there a treasure at the end ?" Ciara asked,Anna nodded (her mom picked out a treasure and hid it) "yay !" Akira said excitedly "well let's go !"

The 3 girls went outside to Anna's huge backyard "so Anna why did we need costumes ?" Ciara asked "because they are important" Anna responded "oh"  "now let's find that treasure !" The 3 then ran around the yard, following the map of course.  Until they reached the x on the map "hey look ! It's a treasure box" Akira said as she picked it up and opened it up "what's in it ?!" Ciara asked "yeah what's in it ?" The two looked over Akira's shoulder, "hey hey I'll tell you" Akira pushed the two away and showed them the treasure box and in it was a shiny stone "it's so pretty !" Anna said examining it "hey let me see" Ciara said shoving Anna out of the way "ooh.." Ciara picked it up and took a closer look at it. All of a sudden Anna's mom let sparky, The family golden retriever, out and Sparky is very hyper. Sparky saw the shiny stone and ran over to Ciara and tackled her which knocked the stone out of Ciara's hands "ah ! Sparky get off me" Ciara yelled as Sparky licked her face "the stone !" Akira yelled "it's gonna fall !" Anna quickly got up and lunged for the stone and successfully caught it "whew.." Everyone said. Akira went to go get Sparky off Ciara when all of a sudden a purple beam came from her hands and it lifted up Sparky and set him down "uh..what just happened ?" Akira asked "I don't know.." Ciara responded,Anna then helped Ciara up "girls ! Dinners ready" the 3 girls then went inside.

Anna's mom prepared a chicken dinner and some salad with Italian dressing on top. "Mmm looks good" Akira said as she sat down "yeah great job mom" Anna commented "thanks dear but..uh how about you guys get changed out of the costumes ?"
"Oh yeah ! Sure" Ciara said as she and Anna ran upstairs "aww but I want food !" Akira said,trailing behind them.

After they got changed they came back down and ate the dinner Anna's mom made. And after dinner the 3 girls went back upstairs and played board games until Ciara and Akira had to go home "bye guys" Anna said as she waved bye "bye Anna" Akira and Ciara said as there parents brought them to there cars.

Later that night when Anna's parents were asleep Anna got out of bed and went to the living room and picked up the home phone.

Who is Anna calling ? Find out in the next chapter :) !
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This story needs to be noticed!
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Not bad.
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