Hopeless ?

Hopeless ?

A tale of a knight seeking to escape from the trials his life and find something better.

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Chapter 1.
Day ?? Month ?? Year ??

Day ?? Month ?? Year ??

As the sun broke through the clouds it lit up the little bit of land that was still green after all of the ground churning events that had taken place in the area so many times over the past few years. Mud covered, what seemed to be as far as the eye could see. Everything was devastated, it would be years before anything grew back. Moans could be heard from all across the fields as men died form grave wounds that had been inflicted upon them from their enemies, all around were the dead and dying.
Crows and wolves moved in to seek an easy meal from the dead as looters scoured the fields taking what they could of value, few would live to see home from these blood stained fields.
Forests were levelled, rivers bridged, crops destroyed, lives lost and for what? who could even remember why they fought each other?

Struggling from the mud rose a form gasping for air as he removed his helm to wipe the grim from his nose and mouth.
Regaining his breath he looked about him at the surrounding area trying to remember what had happened here, rising to his feet he shielded his eyes from the sun as it beat down upon the lands.
"Ah the land of Kash'an that's where I am" the man realized as his mind cleared. "Serving in the Forgotten Lands against the forces of evil."
Trying to remember what had happened, he wondered what the outcome of this battle had been and who had come out victorious.

Hearing a noise he turned to his left to be greeted by a six foot angry Goblin who pulled a nasty edged blade out into view for the knight to see.
"Ah of course, there are no victors.....only survivors" the thought to himself as the creature began to attack.
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