Goodbye (1)

Goodbye (1)

A few different stories about the last words our main characters Sibuna and Max say to each other. Lèave in the cómments which is better.

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Chapter 1.


It was snowing outside, and they lay in bed quietly, watching snow fall outside the window.  "I love you Sibby." She whispered to him, her hands in his hair. She felt him flinch, and a pang of guilt and fear ran through her. "Sorry." She apologised, looking down at his chest, the very words she spoke written on his chest.
   "It's okay. It's okay." He whispered back. He looked up at her, forcing her hands out of his hair. "Max?" He asked, quietly.
   "Yes?" She responded, staring at the window again.
   "What are my last words?" He asked, a childish tone filled the words.
   "I already told you, I'm not telling you." She smiled slightly, looking down at him. "Come on, I'm hungry." She smiled, sitting up, pushing him off of her as she did. The blankets lie on the floor, the sheets wrinkled around their bodies. She ssmiled, getting off the bed and grabbing her hoodie. She threw that over her shirt, and tossed a t-shirt to Sibuna. He pulled it on, covering the red words, that haunted both of them.
   "You know what max? You're beautiful. I never want to lose you." He smiled, as he sauntered over to her, looking up. She smiled slightly, worry filling her eyes. She grasped onto him. "I love you Sibby." She whispered again, and let go. She didn't know wether she would die, or him. But she knew it was soon.
  He smiled, and walked out.
  "Beep beep beep." She heard the small electric sound, and she froze. Tears streamed from her eyes, and she looked down, listening as sibuna stopped too. She lifted her shirt, staring at the words written above her belly button.
"You know what Max? You're beautiful. I never want to lose you. MAAA-"
She fell to the ground.
  "MAAA-" sibuna started. And then light enveloped them. And a noise so loud it didn't exist. The bomb engulfed them, and stole their lives.
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