Niam Horayne One Shot

Niam Horayne One Shot

A one shot I have written out of boredom. Um… Yeah, they’re not famous & yeah. So… Niall Horan and Liam Payne were friends for quite a while, but stopped talking. 'Till today. Niall never knew it’d get this far, but he’s glad it did.

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You'll be mine... Forever, right?

I walked through the halls this morning, thinking about Liam. I couldn’t get him out of my mind! He’s all I think about. I got to my locker, only to be pushed up against it. “Get out of our way, Fag,” Connor laughs. I roll my eyes and get back to opening my locker, knowing they’re not worth my time. Yes, I am openly gay and I’ve been… Well… I’ve had a crush on Liam Payne since forever. We’ve been friends since I can remember; we’d always laugh with each other. Until, now… He just left me; no goodbye, no nothing. He’s the “popular” kid in school, now. Known as the hottest, as well.

He’s going out with Cassedy, someone I’ve hated. Why? For having Liam; she’s fake! She doesn’t even love him. She’s probably only going out with him for all the attention. F*cking… Ugh. I wish I was the one he held and kissed that way. I wish I was her, sometimes, though I hate her guts. I’d hope that one day, he will notice me and just… Kiss me. But come on, let’s be real. That’ll never happen. Haha, Niall. You’re so funny; having hope after all this time. I walk into my math class, only to notice Liam zoned out. He didn’t look too happy, actually.

Walking over, I cough. His eyes shoot up at me, alarmed. “Hey, Payne… It’s been a - a while,” I say. “Yeah, Horan. It has,” he trails off. “What’s wrong? If I may as, I mean,” I ask, trying to get something out of him. “Cassedy broke up with me. She told me she never loved me and she never wanted to see my again. I gave her everything I had to give, and now… This is what I get?” he rants. The bell rang, notifying the students to get to class. As the students piled it, I tried talking to him about it. “Um… Call me or come over today? We can talk about it if you want?” I try. “Sure, what’s your number, lad?” He asks, forcing a smile. I gave him my number and walked over to the back seat.

Why the back seat? I get tormented. Sitting up front is worse than in the back; here, I won’t get noticed or anything. I’ll be alone and happy. I sat up front once, only to get bombarded with spit balls and paper balls. It wasn’t a good thing, that’s for sure. As my teacher talked about -  well - math, I studied Liam. I knew he wasn’t paying attention just as much as I wasn’t. All I wanted to do was walk up to him and hug him, telling him everything will be fine. Telling him that he has me and that I’ll love him 10x more than she ever did or will.

After three more periods, we went to lunch. I went over to the table I always sat at, along with the other bullied kids and ate my food. All of the sudden, I get a text. Who would text me at this time? Ugh, hope it’s not my mum. At least she didn’t call, right? Right… I check my phone to see a random number.

“Hey, Horan… It’s Payne. Come outside and walk forward till you get to a small bush. Once you’re there, turn right and walk straight forward. Once you see a stump, turn left again and walk. You’ll see me and you’ll know to stop. Kay?”

“Kay, Payne…” I type, confused.

I took my sandwich with me as my stomach grumbled in hunger. I went as he told me and I saw him, sitting down with two coffees. He was sitting on a bench, drinking one of the coffees and held one out to me. I took it, sitting next to him, offering half my sandwich. “No, thanks,” he smiled. “So, Payne. What’s this about?” I ask, looking around. It was amazing; flowers and high grass all over the place. There was a swing set and dandelions everywhere. “Well, this is my favorite place. Remember we always shared favorite things together? Well, here you go,” he smiled, looking around.

I took a bite out of my sandwich, got up, and looked around. “This is nice,” I smile, laying on the ground. He chuckled, getting up. He laid next to me as we stared at the sky. “Cassedy did a wrong thing. It was her loss to dump you like that. I mean, come on… You’re Liam. Who wouldn’t you?” I chuckled. He laughed, disagreeing. “Many people wouldn’t! I’m full of flaws,” he said. “Name one, mister,” I smirk. “Hm… I make the wrong choices when the right ones are obvious,” he says. “Everyone does that,” I look at him.

“Not this badly…” He trails off. “What do you mean?” I ask. He looked at me, “I chose Cassedy over one I’ve known for a long time. One that has made me smile through the hard times without even trying. He’s been standing in front of me, but all she did was blind me. I wish I could’ve followed my heart instead of being a jackass because I didn’t want to be bullied for being gay. I wish I would’ve just kissed you and asked you to be mine since the start.” “W-what?” I ask in shock. He moved closer to me, “I love you,” he said, pressing his lips to mine.

His warm lips pressed against mine was something I needed. Something I longed for and I finally got it. He detached his lips and I pinched myself, “This is a dream, isn’t it?” “No, silly,” he chuckled, “come here. I have something else to show you.” I got up after he did and held his hand, as he was holding it out for me. We walked deeper into the grass to finally see a house. “Oh, yeah. Will you be my boyfriend? For now… And forever?” he asked. I nod as excitement took over my body. He started running to the house, dragging me along. I stood by him, examining his face as he opened the door, letting me in. “Li, this looks so beautiful,” I squeal, “Oh. I sound too gay, now, don’t I?” “No,” he chuckled, “I miss that nickname, Ni.” I smiled, remembering back to the time we made those nicknames for each other.


“NI!” Liam yelled. “That’s not my name, Li!” I yelled. “It is, now,” he laughed, tackling me. “Well, then, yours is Li! Whether you like it or not,” I proclaim. “I love it!” He laughed, making me frustrated. “It wasn’t supposed to be likable,” I cross my arms. “Oh, shut up. You know you love the nicknames, too,” he smirked. “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t,” I pout. “You do!!” he poked me. “Whatever,” I laughed.


He closed the door behind us, looking at me. The next thing I knew, I was pressed up against a wall, his face centimeters away from mine. “I’ve been waiting so long for this,” he smirked, pressing his lips on mine. It started off softly, only to get heated quickly. His lips moved against mine, leaving me breathless. He detached his lips from mine, then pressed them onto my neck. Leaving wet kisses all over my neck, he tried removing my shirt. He pulled back, allowing my shirt to be removed and went straight at it again. I lifted his head, so he’d be facing me again, and attached our lips. We moved to the bed, not removing our lips from each other once.

He pushed me on the bed and removed his shirt, kissing me again. Removing his lips from mine, he pressed them against my torso while unbuckling my belt. He looked up at me, smirking. I nodded, telling him to proceed…


We walked back over to school hand-in-hand, after cleaning up. Cassedy saw us and walked over to me, “Hey, boy. Back off, he’s mine,” she looked at me, evilly. “Last time I checked,” Liam coughed, removing his hand from mine and pressed her up against a locker with his hand on the wall next to it, “YOU broke up with ME. So, no. I’m not yours,” he smirked. “You b*tch! You’re supposed to be heartbroken,” she says, turning furious. “Well, when you have someone you care about and they give you just as much back, you wouldn’t be heartbroken. Instead of being a slut and sleeping with everyone, find someone you actually love,” he rolled his eyes.

“You would’ve slept with me, anyway!” she yelled, raging off with her friend. “Never in your wildest dreams, honey,” he laughed. He walked me home, this afternoon, stopping me at my porch. “You’ll be mine… Forever, right?” I ask. “Forever and always, babe,” he pecked my lips. “See you tomorrow,” I smile. “See ya,” he winks. My mum walked up to me, crushing my bones with her tight hug. “I KNEW IT!” she yelled. “Knew what, mum?” I ask. “That you liked Liam and you guys will go out one day,” she smiled wide. “Whatever, mum,” I laugh, walking up to my room. I laid in bed and thought about where this relationship would go… Hopefully, it’d be far.
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If only moms were like that XD
good read
on October 02, 2015